Bringing clarity

My blog continues to bring clarity and understanding of a lifetime lived with traumatic experiences. It continues to incorporate my thoughts and feelings on what I’ve had to deal with over the years, how I get to live my life now, how I see situations and circumstances.

My blog releases me from the guilt I carried. It doesn’t make me having to endure those experiences right, or take away others people’s responsibility, but it does allow me to bring understanding to my experiences, knowing that the things I tried to change, could never be changed.

My blog also allows my readers to compare my experiences with their own, so they too can find a resolve on what they deal with.

7 Aug, 2017

4 thoughts on “Bringing clarity

  1. I find comfort in this hiding place, where I feel refreshed with each blog you write. You’re not the only one who benefits from this site, we all do.

    1. Thanks Tim. I love that you find comfort in this hiding place. It’s my refuge too on difficult days. That pleases me.

  2. Your site is like a lighthouse sent to guide us through the stormy waters of life and to show us the way to a better understanding.

    1. Thank you. I’m probably biased because it is my site, but I believe it is too. I know how my words and blogs help me.

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