Bringing perceptions together

The fact that I am around 70% emotionally and mentally disabled, means I continue to live with anxiety. If I was to place my anxiety on a scale of 1-10, I would probably place it at around 6 or 7.

It is my neurological impairments that trigger my anxiety. I then have to deal with the thoughts that accompany it, my physical reactions to it and the strong urge that leads to panic if the issue I have, isn’t dealt with quickly.

But anxiety and how we deal with it isn’t that straight forward. A lot of how we are conditioned in our early years, adds to how we cope with psychological triggers as an adult. In the early years, our values, morals and life experiences become the foundations for how we interpret and deal with every day issues.

Although it’s gone on to take me years to understand my sensory input and how my brain works because of my disability, it has taken me even longer to understand how best to work things through. Our intuition, together with a positive belief system, is the key to us working positively through my triggers, keeping our perceptions positive.

When it comes to our perceptions it’s easy to let go, to lose sight of the very essence of what is our life.

21 Nov, 2018

2 thoughts on “Bringing perceptions together

  1. I have anxiety when I play meaningless scenes over and over in my mind. My impulse is to think about what could go wrong before it happens, hence anxiety.

    Of course, I don’t represent myself like that in public.

    1. Thanks Tim. I can resonate, particularly when we over-think a situation or scenario and talk ourselves into three different endings.

      Anxiety tends to play out like that where even the most sensible and logical can fall foul. We almost set ourselves up to fail when we’re doing it.

      Yes, we always show the public that we’ve got everything under control. We want to show others we have fortitude in the face of adversity. That no matter what we deal with we have self-restraint around our emotions.

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