Can’t stop moaning

For some it’s become part of their personality, for others it’s an age thing. Growing up with parents or siblings who constantly moan about their life. Do you also spend your life constantly moaning because of a grievance, because of the things your parents have done?

If I have a grievance I deal with it. I don’t dwell and I don’t moan. Moaning is negative and once we start, it’s virtually impossible to stop the pattern once you start. Some of us don’t even know we’re doing it, as it’s now become part of everyday speak.

Unfortunately, when we hold on to a grievance, moan and do nothing about that grievance, it not only affects us but affects others too. For some people moaning has a purpose. When two people moan about something they’ve both experienced, in some respects it becomes helpful, because it gives both parties the opportunity to share their experiences and find common ground on those experiences.

It’s hard however, when one person does it and the other person doesn’t. It can take its toll on our emotional health, but when we continue to moan without doing anything about it that’s when it becomes negative and destructive.

1 Feb, 2014

4 thoughts on “Can’t stop moaning

  1. I have my days. I may moan about something a few times, then I drop it. I try to correct the problem but when that doesn’t help, I drop it. I usually don’t hold grudges and forget about things.

    I know if someone has done me wrong karma will correct the problem eventually.

    1. Yes you’re right Karma has a way of putting things right that we cannot always put right and takes the edge of us moaning about things.

      I’ve grown up around people who constantly moan and although that’s been difficult it has given me a different approach to how I deal with my own things.

      I agree that it’s always good when we try to correct something we’re responsible for, rather than let someone else take the blame. Thanks Lisa.

  2. I can’t stand people who moan. Even though I should try more I just have no patience for it at all. I think it’s mostly because I grew up doing everything for myself; got myself a part time job to fund myself; moved out from home as soon as I possibly could, so I am used to being independent and thinking for myself and sorting my problems out.

    When someone moans to me, I switch off and want to tell them to sort themselves out. Hmmm! writing this I think I maybe need to work on my empathy a bit.

    1. Yes the situation you describe doesn’t lend itself to empathy, but it’s easy to see why you would switch off when someone moans, but that’s probably not the answer either.

      I think we just have to try to do our best round those people who struggle slightly more than we may. Hopefully with a little bit of empathy they’ll have the courage to turn their lives around.

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