Cerebral Palsy & Autism

I am grateful that my site allows me to explore and address my symptoms, that I never had a diagnosis for. I’m still having to work some of my symptoms out.

There is research out there to suggest the link between Cerebral Palsy and Autism and I believe the link between the two is true. Having done more research and now taken a test for Autism, it has been confirmed that I have Autism brought about through brain damage and Cerebral Palsy.

There is no getting away from the fact that I have a neuro-developmental disorder due to brain damage at birth. It is a brain function disorder that affects emotions, learning ability, memory and self-control. The symptoms unfold as the child develops and grows.

I have had to deal with and have found ways around dealing with emotions, learning, memory and self-control.  It is my short term memory that is affected. When it comes to Autism, as with all brain conditions, symptoms will vary in severity and differ from child to child, where some may experience just a few of its symptoms, others many of its symptoms.

Although my diagnosis was missed, my symptoms share similarities with Autism and Asperger’s. When taking the Autism test and for us to confirm the accuracy of the result, someone I know also took the test and the test accurately confirmed the suspicions on both our parts that he doesn’t have Autism and I do. I intend to do another personal blog, outlining my symptoms of Autism and why I know I have it.

How does this potential new information make me feel? Angry and irritated, because as a child when I tried to talk about my issues, I was told there was nothing wrong with me and that I should get on with my life, but years on feel that I can’t because I’m still working things out; that I failed, particularly through my school years.

There is no doubt in my mind that with the help, I might have succeeded more in school, instead of looking stupid because I didn’t have the ability to learn.

I also feel I have been failed, not by my lack of earlier accomplishments, but by those close to me who were supposed to help with my care and education and who could have done things differently.

4 Oct, 2017

4 thoughts on “Cerebral Palsy & Autism

  1. You have a right to feel all those things. No one has the right to withhold this sort of information, especially from a child.

    Their failure is theirs not yours; but you have and will continue to find the positives in your experiences and in doing so will help others, in the way that you might have expected to receive help from others.

    In time you will find a place for all of this, but right now it is good that you can talk about your feelings on your site and with those who care about you.

    1. I think numb would be a good adjective together with disbelief at the catalogue of errors I was made to live through.

      I think the biggest thing for me, is the idea that everyone who knew; were able to keep it from me, whilst allowing me to continue to believe that I would get better. That belief kept me going.

      I don’t know how anyone can know, live their lives as if nothing is wrong; keep the problem at arms length and live with their conscience and still sleep at night.

      Now still having to work through yet more of my symptoms, writes home to me just how damaged I really am and how much work I still need to do on myself; particularly around symptoms to a non-diagnosis that came to light, just eight years ago.

  2. You’re not out of your mind or sick at heart, in fact, you’re an awesome thinker. So no matter what diagnoses comes to light, you’re super normal and super perfect to me.

    Of course, you want nothing less than answers, to leave no margin of error about your health and the truth. Your CP Diary family is with you through this journey.

    1. Awww thank you Tim. Your words are so much of a comfort to me and sweet. As I continue to write, knowing ‘my diary family are around me’ helps me tremendously. We support one another.

      The CP Diary is not only my journey, but through my writing and my experiences, others are able to tap into their own specific journey too, by relating my experiences back to their own and that allows them to change certain aspects along the way.

      Since my experiences are not only based on what I have lived through, but through universal truths, those truths can be applied to anyone reading or responding to my blogs. I hope that makes sense!

      Finally, I will never stop working out what my symptoms are. I need to know everything there is to know about my neurological impairments and why I present a certain way.

      I very much believe my health depends on it.

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