Challenge your motivation

We’ve probably all had days where we’re less than motivated. Perhaps on those less than motivational days, we may challenge our less than positive behaviour.

The following should help:

  • When something is too difficult or we’re doing something that is out of our depth, it’s very easy to lose motivation. It is important to be clear on what we’re about to embark on, so that we understand the challenges ahead;
  • Someone making decisions for us will interfere with our sense of self and motivation. Being motivated just doesn’t happen, we have to work at staying motivated;
  • Not doing anything can make us feel non-motivated, and not being motivated means we’re less likely to change anything. We should change our perceptions on how we feel so that we become more motivated;
  • When self-talk is negative we will literally talk ourselves out of accomplishing or achieving anything. Having a positive mind-set helps with motivation;
  • We spend our lives being conditioned by external and internal influences (our own thoughts) both of which have a marked effect on our motivation.  By investing in ourselves and concentrating on things such as  growth, development and fulfilment, we are more likely to stay motivated.

Motivation allows us to get on with our lives, without which we will achieve very little.  I know this because this was my life for many years.

29 Sep, 2012

4 thoughts on “Challenge your motivation

  1. Good suggestions. My motivation varies from day to day. I guess I’m just wishy-washy! I need to work at it more.

    Though sometimes I can be pretty motivated to do something. Like this adoption we’re going through.

    A lot of people would have given up by now, but I’ve stuck in there because I know it’s in the child’s best interest and I love him.

    People do a lot of stuff for love.

    1. Thank you. When we’re determined to do something Lisa, you’re right… we become highly motivated. It’s something you’ve done through the whole of the adoption process. You’ve been so determined.

      I’m pleased things are working out for you.

  2. I was just thinking about it today and realized I haven’t really been motivated about my life since I left my best friend in Arizona in 98!

    I was heartbroken that she wouldn’t even consider me as more than just a friend, but I really should have known better. Devastated is a better word for it, since I haven’t really cared about living my life since then, to be honest.

    Only now do I even start to feel like I want to get on with my life since I can’t change the past. I’m praying and hoping things will get better!

    1. It easy to lose motivation, particularly when relationships are involved and we’re the ones that get hurt.

      Generally speaking, I think as hard as it is, we are the only ones that can change our lives. It’s up to us to either change, keep things the same or move on.

      Changing our circumstances to bring about change certainly helps with motivation. From what you’ve said, it sounds like you’re stuck. It’s up to us to change.

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