Challenging our thoughts

I believe we must challenge and continue to challenge our thoughts, because that’s the only way we’ll begin to understand our life and the way we do things.

It’s not always enough to just run with things without bringing new understanding on those things. It is only through our understanding that we will learn to see and live our lives in the way we want to live.

Because we are constantly being conditioned, we must consciously choose to challenge our new conditioning through our own perceptions. Without challenging and re-challenging our perceptions and conditioning, our lives will never change.

We need to challenge ourselves on the way we think and do things. With an open mind and positive mind on what is the bigger picture, we will see everything there is to see, but with a closed and negative mind, we will see very little.

If we were to ask ourselves honestly how much control we have in our lives, we would probably come to the conclusion that we have very little and yet in reality when we take others out of the equation and keep them out, we can have as little or as much control as we want.

Unfortunately, we tend to tie ourselves into other people’s lives and thinking and base our decisions on what others want, instead of asking ourselves if we want the same things. We must continually challenge our thoughts so that we change our thinking and our lives.

26 Oct, 2014

4 thoughts on “Challenging our thoughts

  1. Yes, I was programmed at a young age how to think and act, so it’s no wonder I fall back into those old behaviour sometimes.

    I’ve lived the same way for so long, it’s hard to feel it’s OK to do things differently. There are always those old tapes playing that tell me “You’re not supposed to!”or “You’re not worthy!” which tends to drive me mad!

    The saddest part is that I’ve wasted most of my life knowing there were problems but never properly addressing them. The most I can do now is try to make the best of what time I do have left!

    1. Thanks Randy. I’m sure you’re not alone in your thinking. Any form of conditioning holds us back and keeps us stuck, repeating many of the old patterns. The challenge is to change the way we do things.

      I remember one family member commenting to another family member on how they didn’t like how I had changed. For the first time I had my own opinions. The new me had a voice and opinion because it mattered for me to have and form my own opinions. For too long my life had been conditioned.

      I believe anyone can change Randy, move forward with their lives. Change our conditioning and I believe you can. Sometimes we just have to take the plunge, do it and not look back. I’m here Randy if you need encouragement.

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