Change brings growth

Change brings growth and new potential. That’s a fact. As children we’re given facts by our parents and through institutions like school.

As a child I didn’t stop to question what I was being told. I took what was being told as fact and stored those facts as my own beliefs. But as the adult, I believe we must reassess what we’ve been told and reject what we no longer believe and what no longer serves us and that brings change.

Through change we can achieve personal growth. Every change we make we learn something new. We discover new insights about ourselves, we learn the lessons we need to learn, even the lessons that didn’t lead us to where we wanted to be.

Change teaches us how to be flexible and why being flexible is important. Adapting into our lives, changing what we need to change increases our ability to change, to be flexible. Although I didn’t always find adapting into new situations easy, it gets easier the more we continue.

Change brings mental and emotional strength and strength brings spiritual growth and potential for change. We cannot grow without change.

17 Jun, 2020

4 thoughts on “Change brings growth

  1. We were forced to endure so many changes as children, without having any explanations of what was really going on that it’s no wonder I have such a hard time with it.

    We literally had to adapt, improvise, and overcome like soldiers do in wartime, so it’s no wonder I ended up having the issues I have.

    Most people grow up having the chance to have the time to get used to changes and have parents that explain things. I’m sure that’s why I have such a hard time relating to other people.

    I’m finally figuring out what things I can change and that it is okay for me to do, instead of focusing so much on the things that I can’t change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you and I grew up in an era where things weren’t explained. We were ‘seen and not heard’ children.

      Any changes made were usually made without consultation. I can understand the difficulties you had, expressed in your response.

      That said, we can learn from how our parents parented and choose to parent differently with our own children.

      In that regard, there are good lessons for us to learn. Each generation has it better than the last, unless the past is repeated.

  2. I used to hate the possibility of experiencing change, as change meant leaving my comfort zone. I wanted to stay invisible.

    Of course, I feel differently today, it’s the quality of change that matters, although I still look at it suspiciously.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, change can be daunting, and where you say, ‘although I still look at it suspiciously – doesn’t that depend on who is doing the changing and how they’re asking us to change?

      I think explanations help. To put anyone through change for change sake, without explanations and expect them to fly is a big ask, with explanations change is completely doable and makes a big difference.

      Where I struggle with change I use my intuition to work it through.

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