Changes along the way

Nothing in my life was ever going to change unless I changed and that’s pretty much how things worked out. Sadly, if there are ever problems around parents that cannot change until they choose to change. As my experiences have shown, it’s the children who must change.

That we will always live the life we live unless we understand our lives. The nature of how we are and how we think is responsible. I could have simply continued to fall into line, but instead I chose to work through each experience so that I could make certain changes. That is what I have done.

Would I change ‘My Story’ or my life? Would I have wanted to have come into my life, knowing what I would have to live and work through? Knowing what I have achieved personally and with The CP Diary, then my answer would be ‘yes.’

Of course, it helps to have a loving close-knit family. Some of us are lucky that way. I would have loved a balance at least. For me the scales were tipped too far the other way. And if like me you believe there is a reason for your life, then The CP Diary is my reason. I couldn’t do what I do without my disability, or my experiences.

I do, however think those responsible for what I have had to deal with must take responsibility for themselves, but I am happy to own and take responsibility for what’s mine.

13 Mar, 2018

2 thoughts on “Changes along the way

  1. Yes, that what it comes down to is that old expression in AA,’nothing changes if nothing changes.’

    I’m the one who has to make the changes since my parents never did while they were alive and can’t do it now since they’re both finally dead.

    It sounds like you did very well for yourself in spite of the handicaps that you didn’t even know that you had, but managed to work your way around them.

    You live what you know is what I’m battling now, while trying to break free from a relationship that I shouldn’t have ever been in to begin with.

    I’m actually relationship challenged like one guy used to say, which means that I will have to stay single for a very long time to be able to focus on my own issues and learn how to live my own life, not the one that others try to make for me.

    1. Thanks Randy that is very kind of you. Yes, it must be you who makes the changes. I remember feeling and thinking similar thoughts to you.

      We get one crack at ‘the life thing.’ It’s up to each and everyone of us to make sure we get the best out of our lives, regardless of what’s past.

      My mum used to say, we’re a long time dead and although I had no idea what she meant or why she’d say it, but now of course it makes a lot of sense.

      We don’t have to stay in that place. However, hard it is you can decide to change.

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