Changing negative thoughts

It’s no secret that as a child my inner thoughts were negative. Knowing what I know about my neurological impairments, those negative thoughts were unlikely to change, therefore I continually had to find ways through.

My suggestions for changing negative thoughts are:

  • Try and replace one negative thought you have with a positive one and slowly increase your positive thoughts to two or three for every negative one;
  • Keep yourself busy and your mind occupied. You may be surprised at how much more positive and confident you will be;
  • Try to recognise some of your own positive qualities. If that doesn’t come to you easily, start by trying to look for the positivity in others;
  • Look at your lifestyle to see if there are any changes you can make;
  • If you’re around people who are continually negative, slowly choose to move away from them;
  • Positive affirmations may help change your internal thinking;
  • Write your thoughts out, like you would a diary. Sometimes the act of writing encourages new thinking.

I used to have to keep myself busy. But by being able to change the way we think, we’re paving the way for changing negative thoughts into positive ones.

11 Jul, 2012

4 thoughts on “Changing negative thoughts

    1. Thanks Mason and welcome to the site.

      I totally agree with you. Writing our thoughts down very much help with negativity. I am pleased that starting your blog helped you.

  1. I try to think positive thoughts and be positive. I’m not always successful, but most of the time I am.

    1. I know how you feel. It’s not always easy, but being successful some of the time will help you to remain positive. That’s good.

      I also think it depends on what’s going on in our life as to whether we’re successful at keeping positive. From my experience over the last two years, any kind of trauma that we have to deal with can interfere with our ability to stay positive.

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