Changing perceptions

Always choose a positive perspective so that you’re creating and living with positivity in your life.

We all have the potential to change, we all have the potential to embrace new challenges, we all have the potential to be great at what we choose to be, but without seeing that we can be all of these things, our perspective will always work on the old negative patterns we accumulate from our past.

Changing the process is part of the bigger picture. You’re changing how you think and see the world. Having had too much negativity around me, it has prompted me to explore a different perspective. Living with negativity as a child, was enough to know that it wasn’t the life I wanted. I needed to make the changes.

We can either encourage a positive mind-set or leave the old ones in place. Of course, the longer we leave a negative mindset, the bigger the challenge in changing our perceptions. It’s the experiences we encounter that help us challenge our perceptions of ourselves and of each other.

Learn to be your own best friend; support and learn to embrace your life and your choices. Be happy with the outcomes, regardless of whether they turn out to be what you want or not. Disappointments are part of life’s rich tapestry. We need to learn to embrace and be okay with them.

When we learn to embrace even the disappointments without seeing them as having failed, we will continue to move forward in life.

8 Oct, 2012

6 thoughts on “Changing perceptions

  1. I try to keep a positive perspective on everything. Even if it looks like it’s not good I see it as positive.

    I started doubting my parenting abilities the other day but got a hold of myself and decided it wasn’t me, plus I had some encouragement from a friend!

    I think seeing negative will make the situation worse. My mom is a negative person when it comes to my daughter. She doesn’t have the confidence in her to be able to live her own life and take care of herself, therefore my daughter listens to her and feels somewhat the same way.

    She needs to know that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Everybody can.

    1. I’m pleased you do Lisa. It’s so important to have a positive perspective. I agree with you that when we’re around negative people it’s very easy to slide into negativity from being positive.

      I think when that happens it’s important to focus solely on yourself. That is what I would do.

  2. I grew up in a world where there was always a negative perspective about everything.

    It has quite often affected my better judgement to the point of making many decisions that were never really the best thing for me.

    I was conditioned very well to always see the negatives in life which made it nearly impossible to see the light of day,basically. I’m having to work very hard right now to change my perception of life to be able to become a much more positive person who would actually enjoy living rather than just surviving.

    I’m hoping and praying that I will be able to do this very soon so my life would be so much better!

  3. @Randy: I’ve read lots of your comments and I really believe you are more and more positive as times goes on.

    You’ve taken the most important step; to recognise the need to change things.

    There aren’t many of us that can honestly say we have even done that yet.

  4. @Brad:Thank you very much for pointing out that I do seem to be getting more positive over time.

    It’s very hard to notice the changes in myself where others would notice a lot quicker. I’ve had to work really hard on changing which can be a truly monumental task!

    I’m hoping and praying that I can continue to have continued success in the future.

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