Channeling my thoughts

Today’s blog may seem like a bit of a repeat and I’m sorry if it is, but this is where I’m at again.

I’m slowly coming out of my reflux health problems. I do have okay days though, where I’m in control of my thoughts and feelings. Those are my clarity days, then the feeling comes over me and suddenly, it’s not okay.

My subconscious tells my conscious a different story and tends to hold my thoughts to ransom. I know the bigger picture of why I have this life is around me somewhere. I know the subconscious holds the truth of how I really feel about my life, about my struggles and every now and again these are the feelings my conscious has to deal with.

I believe there are certain situations that we will never be able to put right, situations that we deal with, where the people in our lives do nothing but bring more negativity into our lives. Short of walking away, which many of us may be tempted to do, with it brings about more problems.

I have to make myself emotionally stronger, so that I stay strong. I am lucky that negativity isn’t something that happens regularly; I’m fairly upbeat, but coupled with what I deal with physically, I do have lots to deal with. There isn’t a day that goes by, where I’m not challenging my thoughts to bring about new changes.

My spiritual values help me. For those bringing in negativity, it’s up to them to deal with their own negativity. We’re all accountable, no one gets away with it. I choose not to get drawn in and being fairly upbeat, I tend to brush it off.

9 Apr, 2011

4 thoughts on “Channeling my thoughts

    1. The universal law has always been in place for this reason. I believe in it totally. It helps me cope with my life and does make a difference in the quality of my life.

  1. Life is about making choices. Sometimes situations dictate how life will be.

    In the end the choices we make will have have an impact one way or the other. We should try to make choices that will make us happy.

    That is what life is all about, being happy.

    1. Randy you are right, of course sometimes we can make our own choices, but sometimes those choices are based around our lives and what will be better for us in the longer term.

      There are always consequences of coming out of any situation and/or relationship, but that in itself could bring about extreme consequences that may have a bigger impact on us, than if we stayed. It of course depends on what it is.

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