Choosing to be happy

We should choose to be happy over being angry or sad. As the child, I didn’t understand why I was so angry. That what we emanate to the world is what we become.

Fast-forward to adulthood: I believe, see and understand things differently now that I know how feelings work. When we allow others to influence us, we are giving them power over our emotions, and that influences how we behave back. I believe that when we take control of our emotions, we’re less likely to emanate negative emotions.

How many of us react out of anger? We’re quick to get our feelings out so that we can protect ourselves. We usually impart a reaction to something that’s said, and that can be damaging. It’s important that we’re in control and understand how to deal with our emotions.

Over the years I learned how to deal with anger. I knew that if I didn’t deal with my issues and continued to react angrily to others, I would alienate myself from those around me. I’ve had to do a lot of soul-searching and believe that needs to happen for anyone dealing with anger issues.

My family had labelled me, and my attitude was a consequence of a disability that was never addressed or admitted, but it wasn’t the best of labels to have. We need to make sure that the actions of others do not influence our reactions. As the child, I was too young to understand that.

We need to own and deal with our thoughts and feelings so that what others say doesn’t affect our response. On our part it’s a habit that needs to be relearned. The same way we learn to react inappropriately, we must learn to act appropriately.

6 Nov, 2011

8 thoughts on “Choosing to be happy

  1. Yes, I believe we choose our feelings also. Choosing to be happy over being angry will make us feel better.

    Having a happy outlook makes us feel healthier. Being angry all the time or even upset all the time can cause us problems with our health like high blood pressure or even a heart attack. It can also make our blood sugar go up and that can cause all kind of problems.

    It adds stress on our bodies when we’re angry.

    1. I agree that the way we are has a great impact on our health… which is why we should choose to be happy.

      I understand that for some us that may be slightly difficult, but that way we get to stay healthier for longer.

  2. Very good post today. It is all very true what you have said here.

    If I am angry I try now to step back and do not react quickly. If I do I usually say something that is not very nice and end up paying for the remark later in some negative way.

    So watch what you say is best if you can.

    1. Ditto, but with all things in life we have to learn to do all these things so that we become the people we want to be. It takes courage and determination but is well worth the effort.

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