I believe it’s difficult to deal with emotional stuff and not feel tired or drained in some way. Life sometimes runs smoothly with everything working out as we plan and then we meet a dip in the road and we must re-think again.

I need to continue to deal with my life and all that it throws at me (documented on site) and that can be hard sometimes. But to have peace of mind we must have clarity. On some issues, I have more clarity than on others. As the day progresses, I tend to have less.

What is clarity?

Clarity is an understanding, a bigger picture on something we’ve failed to look at. Once we get to the point of making decisions we will have clarity. It’s what we create for ourselves. To have clarity we need to make a decision on a particular thought and be comfortable with it.

But to have complete clarity we must avoid other potential thoughts, which could send us off in different negative directions. The point about clarity is that once we commit to a decision, that’s what we have. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have complete clarity, so long as we’re actively working towards an understanding.

I believe that taking out all the insignificant things; the non-important things that we’re stressing over cuts everything down to size. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes when we try and sort everything out at once, we end up sorting nothing out at all. All we do is add more confusion into the equation.

When we have clarity our mind is free of emotional strife that when we have clarity, we feel at peace and our emotions and our mind are completely centred and balanced. With complete clarity, we take away uncertainty and doubt. That whichever way we turn, we feel calm and in control of all that we deal with and with control we’re able to bring conclusions on all the issues we deal with.

Clarity can happen, but we have to make it happen. We need to actively believe we can make it happen.

30 Nov, 2011

8 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. I rarely have clarity.

    I get so wrapped up in everyday and others problems I can’t get time for myself to think. But when I do all seems right and calming.

    1. I understand you totally Lisa. I am sure we have a little bit of that depending on what we have to deal with.

      I take the view that if it’s my problem to deal with, then I deal with it as swiftly as I can to bring about the right conclusion. If it’s not my problem, someone else is just giving me their problem, I try and help if that is what’s needed or give them the problem back. I certainly don’t carry it. It’s not for me to carry!

      Pleased that when you do have time to think, all seems right and calming.

  2. I agree with what you wrote about the importance of clarity.

    When dealing with things that you can’t seem to get off your mind it often takes more than simply wanting it, acknowledgement and awareness.

    Action is required too but often it’s the most difficult part that many don’t complete.

    1. Ditto. Totally agree with you. I am sure your last paragraph will resonate with the many people who struggle to take action and you’re right that needs to happen.

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