Closure on particular issues

It becomes a revelation when you come to understand something you thought you would never understand but you do; it’s also cathartic, if a hard pill to swallow.

I also think it makes it easier when we understand, because it helps us draw a line under our understanding, even if we can’t change anything. But I would rather live with knowing that I understand the whole picture of something, than to have to find understanding, and still never get to that place.

It’s frustrating when you have to continue to play out your experiences, trying to work through interpretations of conversations and what they mean. It doesn’t make what’s done right, or make those accountable any less accountable, but it does help with how we feel about the issues, allowing us to emotionally move on.

At least knowing the bigger picture, means we can potentially fill more of the pieces to the jigsaw. My writing and working through my experiences over the last 7+ years has brought me some closure in this area of my life.

*Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.*

23 Nov, 2017

2 thoughts on “Closure on particular issues

  1. Finding closure is so important. It can lift a burden if we find a place for something so that it doesn’t hurt us.

    I am pleased that all the work you do on your website helps you and I am sure your writing has also afforded closure to others too.

    1. Thank you. It’d be great to have feedback on that. I hope so.

      Yes you’re absolutely right. Closure is massively important for our mental health. It is important to let go of things.

      I have seen what happens when the past catches up with us. There is a famous quote by Neil Gaiman which goes, ‘wherever you go, you take yourself with you.’

      And it’s true. Deal with our issues and we’re free to go. When we fail to deal with our issues, we take those with.

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