Comfort zones

This topic is something I think we can all resonate with in one way or another, but if you’re lucky enough to have worked through your comfort zone and you’re where you want to be, then that’s great.

I was asked to go and pick my son up at the railway station so that he could come home, having made a surprise 6-hour trip to see us for the weekend. It was dark, I would be driving on my own and would have had to master the one-way system in the city centre. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

It’s that place we have grown accustomed to, our living space, work space and social environments. A comfort zone determines the way we live our lives, either by us accepting it or by rejecting it if it seems wrong for us.

Young people tend to adapt, adjust or change away from their comfort zones. They don’t have the same fears or limitations, they’re more willing to give things a try. As we age our abilities become less, fears set in, we stick to what we know and what we’re familiar with.

Some of us may feel the need to maintain our comfort zones. That way we work comfortably without feeling pressured in any way, to deal with things we’re not ready for. Others may test their boundaries to see how far out of their comfort zone they would feel comfortable enough to go.

Working outside of our comfort zone means we embark on another journey through changes in our outlook, our assumptions, whilst expanding our boundaries so that something else begins to feel comfortable. That then becomes our new comfort zone.

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23 Nov, 2010

6 thoughts on “Comfort zones

  1. I hope you continue to break the barrier of the comfort zone. I have felt this challenge in the past and it can be uncomfortable.

    1. You are absolutely right Brian, it can be uncomfortable. I tend to stay within my comfort zones, until such a time I feel strong enough to venture out.

  2. With my job I have to break my boundaries occasionally due to travelling to where the client may live. I don’t drive well in the dark, but I have to due to my work hours.

    Then when I’m at home I have my routine and certain things that I like to do that I consider my comfort zones and I get upset if they’re interrupted. But I’m learning to adjust right now since we have a house full.

    As I’ve gotten older my comfort zones are more important to me. I think I’m settling down more… and I like things a certain way. I soon hope we’ll get back to normal.

    I understand your dilema with going to get Daniel. I would have flipped out!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I just didn’t go! Daniel had to wait for Brad and Claudia to get back from the hairdressers in Ilkley. It all worked out in the end, it was a matter of minutes.

  3. How nice that your son made the trip home to surprise you!!

    I hope you can overcome working out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we have to do uncomfortable things that we don’t like, but after wards feel really good at our accomplishment.

    1. You are right, if we manage to work out of our comfort zone we do feel good that we have accomplished greatly, but we also know our limitations and extending our boundaries on those will make us feel worse if we don’t get to accomplish what we set out to try and achieve.

      I never see it personally as a failing, just something I need to work harder at in achieving. It may take time, it’s a confidence thing.

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