Coming full circle

I’m not sure where I’m at or what I’m doing this morning. My thoughts are all over the place. A problem I’ve been trying to sort out for several weeks is still with me. I feel as though my head’s in a vice, I don’t seem to be thinking straight.

Now after something else has failed to materialise on the back of the advice I’d been given, I have finally come to realise that what I originally thought I needed to do, I now need to do.  After weeks of trying to sort the same problem out, I’ve come full circle back to my original thoughts, which I had been ignoring on the back of the other advice.

Now that I’ve gone with my gut, I feel much better whilst sorting my problem out at the same time. Even though we may receive advice that is well intentioned, but it doesn’t always mean the advice is right.

We need to think and act more on our own thoughts and feelings. Although other people will be acutely aware of our situation, I believe nobody is ever more acutely aware of our situation than we are. When we tap into our own thoughts and wait long enough, the answers are usually there.

Had I continued to listen to my own thoughts, I probably would have sorted my problem out sooner.

2 Mar, 2014

4 thoughts on “Coming full circle

  1. I agree with you. If we act on our own thoughts about things, we usually get things sorted out easier. Some people have well intended advice, but we know who we are and what we feel deep down.

    I’ve always heard you should go with your gut and my gut is usually right when it comes to things that apply to me and my family.

  2. I normally try to follow the advice of my first mind because I trust it, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

    I certainly don’t believe the first mind will always have the correct answers, but that voice inside me is usually right on point.

    1. Thanks Tim! Yes I agree it’s not always easy to follow the advice of the conscious mind (first mind).

      As you have so eloquently explained Tim it’s that voice inside of us, ‘our intuitive voice’ that will always be right on point.

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