The first step in developing compassion is empathy, because without empathy we can’t have compassion.

Sadly, not only do we not practice compassion, but we fail to show empathy to those who need us to empathise with them.

The following suggestions may also help:

  • How we are on the inside is more important than how we are on the outside;
  • Empathy, tolerance, patience and compassion are values it would be good to have;
  • Take an interest in other people and try to understand what they deal with;
  • Understanding other people’s issues, will help you understand your own and that will help with empathy and compassion;
  • Be kind;
  • Acts of kindness contributes towards us having empathy and compassion.

Compassion and empathy will always make a difference, not only to us in our lives because our lives will feel easier and therefore we’ll cope better, but will also make a difference to other people in their lives too.

29 Dec, 2011

8 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. I too believe we should look at people on the inside. Having compassion is important and should be practiced by everyone.

    In my profession as a nurse I can’t see how some people that are nurses can do their job without it. Even doctors need to have compassion and a lot don’t.

    If I didn’t have compassion I couldn’t do a lot of the things I do like my job, or take care of medically fragile children and if people are real good friends you have to have that compassion.

    1. Unfortunately as you say Lisa, some professions don’t.

      I think you’re right about nurses and compassion, the majority of nurses do, but unfortunately I have come across one or two who were far from gracious and compassionate, particularly from nurses who work in doctors’ surgeries.

      I am sure we all have our favourites though, when I was in hospital I know I had mine.

  2. Compassion is definitely one thing that is lacking in the modern world.

    I understand very well what it is considering the world I grew up in. Hopefully one day more people will learn what it is, so the world would be a much better place.

    1. Ditto. I agree with you Randy. Compassion is lacking in the world today.

      I also agree that if we had more of it, the world would be a much nicer and better place.

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