Confinements of lockdown

I continue to write about Covid_19 on my blog because I’d cope less not getting my thoughts out there. With lockdown finished the UK Government has forced those like myself who are high risk back into our homes.

With pubs already open and restaurants and bars due to open today, I have no choice but to stay home. I shall continue to stay safe. With too many lives already lost and with the continued handling of this Government, we can expect a second wave.

The confinement is beginning to take its toll on my emotionally, which given the nature of my disability and the fact that I have and deal with autism, increases the pressure for me to work on an acceptance with lockdown.

Initially it took me weeks to adapt. Because of autism I couldn’t get my head around Covid_19. Too late to go into lockdown, too many lives lost, too soon to lift restrictions and now with a ‘new normal’ I am confined to my home even more. Those who also value their lives who are not considered high risk will also be confined to their homes.

We’re told the virus is no where near gone, the independent scientists don’t agree with the decisions being made and whilst we would all like to see the economy thrive, it cannot be at the cost of lives.

We have an individual responsibility to ourselves, we also have a societal responsibility. We must equate and work on the assumption that we are all part of the process and part of the solution and must work together.

6 Jul, 2020

4 thoughts on “Confinements of lockdown

  1. It is now clear that we will be living with this virus for the foreseeable future and you are absolutely right that we must all accept individual and collective responsibility for minimising its fatal effects.

    Unfortunately, we also know that human traits such as selfishness and stupidity aren’t going away either. As the saying goes, if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you’ve said what most of us will be thinking. It is a human failing, which is not only going to cost more lives with a second spike, it may even cost them their lives too.

      And whilst the Government are have initial responsibility, we have responsibility to ourselves and each other, to keep us all safe.

      1. The Covid-19 virus is getting worse and our private attitudes towards this pandemic is making less sense by the day, people are actually ignoring it.

        We need a worldwide strategy to submit to and obey, otherwise this virus will continue to have its way with us.

        We have broken spirits and it shows.

        1. Thanks Tim. Yes, your sentiments are mine too, but I’m not sure how much it’s got to do with their governments, more ignoring Covid_19 for Covid_19’s sake.

          Either way what we have will never end well. As you eloquently say Tim, ‘this virus will continue to have its way with us’ – it is because we are not taking it seriously.

          It is important we backtrack, so we can contain the virus and take control. I am just wondering how many more lives does the virus have to claim, before it’s taken seriously?

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