Connecting emotionally

Emotional connections are what bonds families, friends and couples. You don’t have to be part of a couple for an emotional connection to be formed, but without an emotional connection, there will be very little holding the relationship up.

An emotional connection is a bond, it’s a link that ties something or someone together through a bundle of subjective feelings, but a bond nevertheless that once formed is very difficult to break. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have it and others think they have and therefore don’t see the need to change anything.

Without a bond, we will go on to make decisions by ourselves without consulting close ones and will often work through and deliberate any decisions independent of anyone else. We will continue to remain distant, will always hold back on our thoughts and feelings and will share very little, making an excuse as to why we haven’t, or why we forgot.

Growing up with no emotional connections, I know how important it is to have and make those connections. Unless we change and learn to emotionally connect, we will always struggle to make the right connections with the most important people in our lives. We can’t always rely on our upbringing to show us the way.

In most cases, it is only when we come to see how other people emotionally connect that we realise our relationship is slightly lacking.

17 Jun, 2015

10 thoughts on “Connecting emotionally

  1. I agree. Emotional connections must be at the core of all of our relationships. Having virtually brought myself up,

    I know that I have to work hard at this because I am too independent, but I know it is so important.

    1. It’s very rewarding when we do make the effort and really needs to happen across the board.

      Emotional connections are the foundations and should be at the core of all our relationships as you have rightly pointed out. Without those connections, there will be nothing to bind or keeping families, friends and couples together.

      As each generation comes through, these connections are becoming more diluted and are often harder to achieve. The sad reality is that they really don’t have to.

      We must surely go back to basics on how we communicate and interact with each other.

  2. I grew up in an environment without much emotional connection. My parents were distant. It was like they didn’t know how to communicate and bond with us kids.

    Having an emotional connection with loved ones gives us a sense of belonging and purpose.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes it does. My parents were exactly the same as your parents and although that was sad for you and your siblings, it’s more sad that your parents couldn’t see and change what was staring them in the face.

      As children we learn to adapt and adjust our lives accordingly and you have done that now, but your parents will continue to live their lives without that closeness.

      It’s more sad for them that they will never in their lifetime connect with their children. You have it now with your own family, just not with your parents and that’s sad for them.

  3. Yes very much. When you and I spoke I felt a connection. We can talk about anything, all it seemed.

    It’s very therapeutic and such a refreshing feeling to have that. We know how this world can be having disabilities and the unfairness that goes with that. I believe it’s a strong foundation.

    To add, my husband and I can know what the other person is feeling or thinking from an emotional standpoint without speaking to each other. Not because we’ve been together for so long, but we have that sort of ESP about each other that connects deeply.

    I noticed about a year after we were dating.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes we did and we definitely do have a connection. We also have had similar backgrounds and both deal with a disability. That emotionally also brings us together.

      I understand your concerns and struggles and you understand mine and that helps us both. And we choose to help rather than stand in judgment of what we both deal with.

      It’s important we all learn to connect in deep and meaningful ways.

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