Conscious Living

Conscious living is about living in the moment, leaving the past behind and getting on with life. It is important to live inspired lives through conscious living. We cannot be inspired, when we live in the past, through our experiences, the very experiences that continue to hold us back.

My writing helps me to live consciously. Over the years, and through my words, my writing has allowed me to create my own purpose-inspired life, and in doing so my own gift has been revealed and continues to be honed.

As I continue to write and bring clarity, focus and out of the box thinking through my intuition, it allows me to hear deeper messages that connects me and others who read my words to their own experiences, to a future that is asking them to move forward.

It is not about bringing your experiences or thinking about your past experiences into the present full time, because those experiences will keep you stuck in the past. It is about using those experiences to shape your future.

Where the past plays a part in shaping our future, it cannot shape our future when everything we think about, and everything we do leaves us thinking about and living in the past.

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1 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “Conscious Living

  1. Living in the moment is something that I haven’t had a lot of experience with, but something that I have been trying very hard to do over the past couple of years.

    For so many years I was mired in the past, not being able to escape the quicksand but once I finally started to ask for help my life changed tremendously. Ilana, you have been such an inspiration to me with what you have done, in spite of everything.

    My world has finally opened up in so many ways and I’m truly grateful for the things I know I can do, as long as I work on staying in the present.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re welcome. I am pleased you’re finding life easier and that your life is opening up in so many ways.

      Yes, I also get that. For years I was trying to live in the present, but was stuck in the past. That has everything to do with the psyche.

      When we’re living in the present, the psyche mirrors our current thoughts; not great if we’re continually stuck in the past. When we live in the past, our psyche will have difficulty processing our current thoughts.

      It is why it is important we stay current and live our lives in the present. But to do that, we must comfortably live in the present, having dealt with our past.

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