Coping with chaos

It is often the case that when our life is thrown into chaos, we find ways to mentally work through it. Feelings associated with chaos, such as stress and anxiety, will begin to dissipate as we become more skillful at handling our emotions.

Once we stand back, assess and observe how we react, we will cope better. But chaos and change are both necessary and, if utilised positively, will help us learn how to manage our lives appropriately.

When we look at a situation objectively, we begin to understand more of what we need to do to transform our ideas into possibilities.  It’s not always easy to know which thoughts or ideas will work, but drawing on previous experiences and using our intuition will help us reach the necessary conclusions.

The more experience we have in dealing with chaotic situations, the easier those situations are to deal with. When we find things easy, we will spend less time working through those things. Each situation is different and must be assessed separately.

Of course, we will never really know how we will cope until we’re there.

9 Sep, 2011

2 thoughts on “Coping with chaos

  1. I tend to clam up when chaos erupts. Then I get over it and face the problem head on and it either works out or it doesn’t.

    If it doesn’t I worry about it uselessly until things work out for better or worse. It wares me out sometimes so I need to learn to handle chaos better.

    1. Again Lisa… I think you’re probably not alone on this one either. I would try not to worry needlessly though, because that will make you clam up even more.

      Whether you worry or not, the outcome will be the same; there would be no point to the worrying in the first place. It will just make you ill.

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