Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns

Covid-19 has brought about many mental difficulties. My sensory issues have never been more evident than having to work through Covid-19. In Covid-19, my emotional impairments and autism have both been difficult to navigate.

Covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works around my mental health. My writing continues to enable me to understand my mental and emotional struggles.

For those of us who are immunocompromised, the initial data should have included clinical trials on the different immunocompromised groups, to see how effective the vaccine would be for us and what the side effect we may expect, working with an already compromised immunity.

Also, fast forward in about 5 to 10 years time, how will most of us fare having taken the Covid-19 Vaccine? And now there are talks of a booster jab, these are concerns. Where will the vaccine end?

Whilst taking the vaccine is helping reduce illness, we may still spread Covid-19. There are young and old alike who have had complications taking the vaccine. We’re not all responding in the same way.

Although all precautionary measures to keep us safe have been removed by the UK Government, it is sill important to continue to mask up and social distance, for Covid-19 to have a chance to dissipate.

The vaccine has brought about much confusion, many uncertainties, and very little data. As mentioned, barriers to vaccine uptake include perception of risk, low confidence in the vaccine, distrust, inconvenience, socio-demographic context and lack of endorsement, lack of vaccine offer or lack of communication from trusted providers and community leaders.

The issues with the vaccine aren’t going away and until they are addressed by trusted providers and community leaders, less people may choose to take the vaccine.

18 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns

  1. Personally I think people haven’t taken the virus very seriously at all, which is why this has been dragging on for so long.

    If everyone was working together on this issue, we may have been further on. It’s ridiculous there is a vaccine but there are people refusing to take it even when it could save their own lives, not to mention the lives of others.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, in the beginning I’m not sure certain politicians realised how serious the virus was.

      Now we know, it is important to continue to use common sense, continue to mask up and social distance, so that we can reduce the virus.

      If the scientists are to be believed and it’s here to stay, we should all do more to work alongside it, so that we can reduce it and its effects.

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