Covid common sense

It has been 11 years since my cerebral palsy diagnosis, but now I know I’m living with respiratory issues and a pre-existing condition through the pandemic, it’s not resting easy. I am more susceptible than most to catching Covid.

Going out for walks I feel more comfortable masking up, but I also need common sense to be applied by all governments in what they’re asking us to do. Trying to kick start the economy without dealing with the root cause of the virus, is continuing to put lives at risk.

I get that governments have no idea how to deal with the pandemic, but common sense and wanting to protect us would be a good place to start. They must start working together. Boosting the economy and getting people back out to work must not be at the cost of lives.

Going about our lives as if our lives are back to normal will cost more lives and means we will end up having to self-isolate again. Unless you’re dealing with the root cause, all you’re doing is masking the symptoms. It isn’t rocket science.

With little known about how the virus mutates we must continue to be extra cautious and vigilant. If children are to go back to school, masks should be worn at all times. It shouldn’t be the head teachers making those decisions.

The virus spreads when we interact with each other, particularly around social distancing in public spaces. Yes, it’s never made any sense to me even from the beginning, why we’re still being allowed to interact and socialise in extended bubbles.

My house backs on to school playing fields, so when it comes to social distancing, I see it all the time with children in the playground playing together, with teachers literally ignoring the fact that they’re not social distancing at all.

Where we’re continuing to ignore government rules, we may even struggle to survive. Covid doesn’t discriminate; it doesn’t care.

3 Sep, 2020

2 thoughts on “Covid common sense

  1. In my neck of the woods, maskless people parade everywhere. I guess they’re trying to send some kind of right wing political message, it’s absolutely crazy.

    You would have to laugh to keep from crying, as these politicians have some stupid people in their pockets.

    Ilana, thank you for keeping us informed through your blogs and commentary, we need you at this moment in time.

    1. Tim, ‘you would have to laugh to keep from crying, as these politicians have some stupid people in their pockets’ – Yes, I am wondering when it’s going to end. I need it to end.

      I think that’s part of the problem. No joined up writing or common sense thinking from politicians who have been sworn in to protect us.

      We have no one to turn to and no one to help us. I’m pleased my covid blogs help. I will always continue to blog about Covid. Its very presence has changed my life, mentally and emotionally.

      Because of autism, I find the whole covid concept difficult to comprehend and worrying. Blogging helps take that stress away, because my blogs allow me to understand and see where politicians are going wrong.

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