Covid_19 and my disability

It is because I have cerebral palsy that I have respiratory disease, a disorder that affects the airways and the lungs. My disability has become even more relevant in Covid_19 times, particularly if I fail to stay safe.

I write about the pandemic on my blog because it makes me feel better. We can’t take for granted that we have our health, or that we won’t get sick, or that we can live our lives and things will be okay. The virus shows we must continue to be vigilant, I must continue to be vigilant around a pre-existing condition.

The only way I can keep safe, is if I stay indoors and mask up when I go out. There are many like me who are also high risk, but who don’t have the same disability as me that must also stay safe. We must all continue to keep ourselves safe.

When we follow the rules we keep ourselves and others safe; even more important we keep the ‘R’ rate down and that keeps the virus at bay.  Where the UK government are not telling those of us who are high risk to self-isolate, the sensible option is to self-isolate, and continue to mask up. We must all mask up.

The reality for me is that with a pre-existing condition, my life is literally on hold. The old life I had is gone and given its handling of the virus, right now I can’t see it coming back.

5 Dec, 2020

2 thoughts on “Covid_19 and my disability

  1. Through your blogs, you have shown us the way to prevent this virus from reaching us, we have learned many things.

    Having said that, we can live with a little inconvenience for a little while longer without our lives caving in. I am not ready to relinquish my pre-pandemic life, nor are you, Ilana.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I will never give up hope that there will be an end date to the pandemic, but given what we’re seeing in the media, we have a long way to go before we can relax.

      I think we need to start supporting one another and ‘follow the rules’ more. Whilst I understand the irritations, without following the rules, we’re allowing the virus to spread and as it does it will claim more lives.

      I shall always continue to put my thoughts out and shall bring you the latest news on what’s happening with the virus. I’m pleased it’s helping.

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