Covid19, our changed lives

Living in lockdown hasn’t been easy, but it will be a waste, if we are to learn nothing from our experiences on why we went into lockdown in the first place. It wouldn’t be right for us to come out, and change nothing.

I write about Covid19 because it is important I understand from a universal point, everything there is to know about the virus and why it’s not the time for us to become complacent and think we can go back to our old lives. There is no old life left.

The world is going to look and feel different. Hair salons will look and feel different. Full PPE in clinics and salons will likely be worn, with potential screens between each workstation, and with the mandatory 2 metres apart.

For those like myself, living with a pre-existing condition, a disability and a compromised immunity, this is all made worse. It is important we are able to get to grips with what we’re living through, think and change our lifestyles to fit into a ‘new world’ and learn to embrace the change that is already here.

It’s not just Covid19, we also have global warming. We have to want to change our attitudes, want to change and save the natural world too. Future generations are relying on us and we need to be able to meet the challenge. Scientists have said Covid19 is here because of us, because of our lifestyles and because the way we are living our lives, doesn’t fit in with the natural world.

We have all seen what global warming is doing to the planet, animals, and their habitats. The global warming stats shows an alarming state of acceleration. The gradual heating of the Earth and climate change doesn’t just lead to the destruction of habitats.

It has far reaching consequences that will impact and continue to impact the already rising pollution levels, so increasing infectious diseases with the loss of more wildlife.

  • The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has not been this high in 3 million years;
  • A new study shows that there is a 99,9999% chance that humans are in fact, responsible for global warming;
  • A sad climate change fact is that Earth’s glaciers are losing 390 billion tons of ice and snow a year;
  • The polar bear population is actually increasing;
  • 2016 was the warmest year ever recorded;
  • 11% of people around the world are vulnerable to climate change;
  • Sea levels are rising three millimeters per year — the fastest recorded rate;
  • The average population of vertebrate declined by 60% between 1970 and 2014;
  • The planet’s surface temperature increased by around 1.62 degrees°F;
  • People have cleared 30% of all forest cover on the planet.

These stats must shock us all into taking action. We need to do our part to save the planet from total annihilation. Time is running out.

22 Jun, 2020

8 thoughts on “Covid19, our changed lives

  1. I wish our governments would follow the science related to Covid-19, instead of politicizing it. The pandemic of ignorance is becoming a threat to all life on our planet, we see it directly.

    I really appreciate your commitment to keeping us informed and raising our level of consciousness on this matter.

    1. Thanks Tim. I couldn’t agree more. The pandemic of ignorance is indeed becoming a threat to all life on our planet.

      There are no words to describe what I am sure we all feel about it and the fact that we’re helpless to get governments to act in a way that encourages positive action. What’s worse is their handling of it, is all self-inflicted.

      These are unprecedented times, but a change of attitude in governments is needed here. Given that I deal with a disability and I have a pre-existing condition, the reality of Covid_19 couldn’t be greater.

      We must also think about and address global warming too. As you say, it’s a threat to our lives and the planet. I am desperate to see a change in government. I hope my blogs will sew a seed for change.

      1. Ilana, your blogs absolutely foster change, as we’ve witnessed. The marriage of my mind to The CP Diary took place years ago and I still enjoy every read.

        So there is no doubt that the information you provide on Covid-19 is power, but it will also help keep us alive.

  2. Time is running out and people probably won’t do what they need to do, even if it means saving their own lives. I have watched too many do just this over the years and I have even been guilty of sabotaging my own life many times too.

    You would think that people would want to do all that they can to save their own lives and the lives of the people they love, but right now they’re more concerned about protesting things they can’t change.

    What’s the point when the way that they are is jeopardizing everyone? It’s just a prime example of the lack of common sense in the world.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, if governments weren’t so self-serving we would have more clarity and we would be more protected.

      That said, there are things we can individually do, like take control for ourselves. Everything we do has a consequence. We need to be more mindful of how we live, including taking charge and bringing common sense into the equation around Covid_19.

      If certain Government aren’t capable of making those choices for us, we must then start making those decisions for ourselves.

  3. The UK government have decided to ease lockdown, contrary to the clear advice of independent scientists rather than the scientists who have been told by the politicians to keep quiet and implement government policy.

    The newspapers are already full of warnings that we will experience a second wave of the virus and history has proven this will be much worse than the first.

    As Tim says politics has got in the way and I suspect we will have to live around this virus for many years as result with many more lives lost.

    1. Thanks. Yes, from a universal stand point it’s not so much political, but decisions taken from non-enlightened human beings who are putting themselves first.

      Because they’re ignoring independent scientific, advice who are telling them we need to continue to shield for longer, that’s when it becomes non-political and personal. It’s not rocket-science, they need to make different choices here.

      As we know the virus hasn’t gone. The decision the UK Government are making will send more people to their deaths. We must make common sense choices and continue to shield, until the virus dissipates further.

      Yes, people know the risks and will always risk take, but with sensible choices from Government, like go into lock down earlier and come out later, the UK Government could have prevented deaths on the scale we have.

      It is scientists who are working with the Government who are implementing their policies, independent scientists will not and do not agree.

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