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The summer months reinforce the Cerebral Palsy think and why it’s a constant struggle for me this time of year. I tend to look out of place because I struggle with my footwear, and because I deal with Cerebral Palsy.

When most people are out wearing summer sandals I can’t find sandals that fit, let alone sandals that fit without showing I have a problem. Unfortunately, that’s then reinforced by the problem itself, which encompasses yet more thoughts, because I cannot fit into summer shoes.

Having struggled with this scenario all my life, you would think I’d be used to it by now. I must admit yesterday was a complete struggle, I wanted to hibernate, but I’m feeling more positive this morning.

6 Jun, 2013

4 thoughts on “CP & summer

  1. I can’t stand the narrow strip sandals. They hurt my toes and it seems like there is nothing except thongs now days.

    I have problems with wearing summer clothes because I’ve lost weight and have excess skin that shows when I wear certain summer clothes, like short sleeve shirts or shorts. I want to just wear my sweat pants and a t-shirt but can’t go out to certain places wearing that.

    I’m glad your feeling better today!

    1. Thanks Lisa, yes I’m feeling better this morning. It’s easy for us to hide away when we’re not happy with our body image or what we have to deal with.

      I understand you completely. We just have to do our best, whatever it is we’re dealing with.

  2. I cannot wear sandals either. Because of my CP I need proper support. I feel that I have the ugliest feet ever. Thank goodness I do not like flip flops. I would never wear them anyway. I just wear my comfortable shoes.

    I think what ever you feel comfortable in wear it and enjoy the summer any way you can.

    1. I know how you feel Randy. Now if I could sort my shoes out I’d have a better chance at enjoying the summer.

      Summer isn’t an easy time for either of us.

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