Crossing paths

I have always gone with the belief that things happen for a reason, but I also believe though that things don’t sometimes happen because of a reasoning not always known to us at the time, but that we may learn later why.

That happened to me fairly recently, but on Friday I find out why. A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment at my doctor’s surgery for a fasting blood test and whilst I was waiting in the waiting room, a couple that we have seen socially once or twice, walked past the surgery window. At that point, I had already gone in for my blood test so didn’t see either of them come into the surgery.

I hadn’t gone to the surgery alone. They walked in and headed straight to the reception desk without turning around, then headed to the doctor’s room as they had been called. Our paths didn’t cross that day. Yesterday with my daughter’s success to her exams being highlighted in our local newspaper; I bought the newspaper and that’s when I saw my friend’s passing.

I believe we were all supposed to be there that day, but that our paths were never supposed to cross because my friend who must have been ill at the time had weeks to live. For our paths to cross would have put her in a difficult and awkward situation. I do believe that spirit protect us where they feel it’s necessary and therefore our paths won’t always cross.

In a way, I’m glad we didn’t catch up. It would have been difficult for both of us, but I can’t help but think how much better I would have felt if only our paths would have crossed… even for a split second.

18 Aug, 2013

6 thoughts on “Crossing paths

  1. I to believe things happen for a reason. Always have believed that.I usually find out weeks, months or even years later why these certain things happen. I think we learn from these experiences.

    I am a Christian and I believe and put my faith in GOD. I think He put me in the position of being my son’s nurse so eventually I would adopt him. My son’s living conditions were awful so no other nurse would stay with him. Something in me said stay with it, it will get better. So I stayed and worked with him. I stayed with him as he was moved from one foster home to another one.

    Luckily for him he was in only two foster homes and they were great families. But I didn’t leave him. I thought about quitting as he was moved the first time, but after a week I decided to stay. Something in me just couldn’t leave this precious child. It was after he was moved to the second home that I decided to adopt him. I developed a strong relationship with this child and he with me.

    It was also through this that I gained the friendship of two families that is still on going today. Now there can be several reason’s for this experience for me. I could only have one child and I wasn’t supposed to have that one but I was determined to have at least one child. I always wanted a huge family. I now have 3 children that I love very much, two daughters and now a son.

    I have a grand-daughter and another grandchild on the way. So my dream of a huge family is sort of being fulfilled.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree that you were supposed to look after the child who became your son, but everything that happened after that and wanting to make things more permanent with him so he would always be in your life then became your choice.

      Had you have not chosen to adopt your son, you would have continued to be his nurse until someone else adopted him, then you may have to have given him up. I believe the people in your life now is the culmination of everything up to this point, based around your new son and the people who were in his life at that time.

      He’s been good for you.

  2. ‘I believe we were all supposed to be there that day.’

    The fact that you knew you were being protected is a testament that you listened to life and felt its divine movement. Your experience is a reminder of powers well beyond our physical world and certainly beyond the scope of human comprehension.

    Kudos to your daughters academic achievements!

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