Dealing with disappointment

Dealing with disappointment, my having to deal with feelings of sadness and grief and depending on the disappointment dealing with apathy as well.

We inevitably bring more stress into our life when we subject ourselves to certain situations all the time. Try to focus positively on your thoughts and you’ll be in a better position to react to a situation more positively. When we don’t succeed at something, it’s because we were never meant to.

Life shouldn’t be about reaching our goals all the time, because if we did we’d have nothing to aspire to. Life should be about living each day to the fullest and being happy along the way, whether we meet with disappointment, success or not. That is my belief.

We must deal with disappointments that’s part of life. Perhaps we must come to accept that at that moment, it wasn’t our time to shine. There will be other times and we must be patient.

15 Apr, 2012

4 thoughts on “Dealing with disappointment

  1. I agree with you. Just accept what comes along and you won’t be disappointed. I say, “oh well, that’s life” a lot and accept what is dealt to me; or “that’s my luck.”

    It’s like having something and losing it. I don’t get disappointed anymore, I just enjoy the time I had it.

    1. That’s good Lisa. The hard part is keeping up with accepting our disappointments. We usually start off well intentioned until they begin to get to us.

      Thanks for posting Lisa.

  2. Disappointment is one of those things that eventually we all have to face.

    Sometimes it’s hard not to take things personally, but I guess the lesson is that it’s not usually personal, but as you say just circumstances.

    I like Lisa’s point about accepting what comes along with a ‘ce la vie’ approach.

    1. I agree with both of your points.

      As long as we continue to perceive disappointment in a positive way, we will never take disappointment personally.

      I take the view that if I have done my best there is no reason why I should.

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