Dealing with failure

Life is full of new opportunities so that when one door closes, another door opens. We must make ourselves aware of the door that’s open and the opportunities that lie beyond it.

None of us will have control all the time, but we can have control over most things. We do have control over how we perceive things that we fail at and how we come through the other end.

Sadly, when we fail, we tend to lose sight of our opportunities. Failing isn’t bad, but at the time it seems like the end of the world. Failing is an opportunity to learn new things, open new doors, learn how to adapt and for us to find a resolve on what we failed at.

Failing also gives us the opportunity to stand back, find an understanding and find a level of acceptance on having failed. If I fail at something now that is my responsibility. If I fail because someone else was responsible for my decision, then that someone is responsible, but it’s still up to me to find a way through.

If we choose to wallow, we miss out on any new opportunities that come our way. We continue to miss out when we choose to deal with what we fail at, unless we learn to let go of those failings.

Life teaches us if we prepared to look for our lessons that failure is one of our most valuable tools.

9 Jun, 2013

8 thoughts on “Dealing with failure

  1. You are right. I think new opportunities are challenges and that’s the fun. I used to feel like a failure. I couldn’t choose a course for my life.

    I tried several things in college and finally became a nurse which I succeeded at more than I expected.

    1. From what you say Lisa it sounds as though you stuck at it. That is so important.

      I’m also pleased you found a career that suited you and that you were good at. I think sometimes we surprise ourselves.

  2. Failure is something I have a lot of experience with and have struggled most of my life dealing with the after effects! It has also been the reason I have given up on so much in my life.

    I came to the point where I figured ‘why even bother?’ since I felt like it would end in failure anyway. In other words it was easier to just accept defeat rather than even try, since it would end badly anyway!

    Now I am trying so very hard to move beyond that so I may be able to accomplish something worthwhile in the time I have left.

    1. It’s a hard one Randy. When we get to that stage where we’re trying so hard to change something in our lives and move past that point, it’s very easy to give up, but giving up doesn’t resolve anything, it just leaves us in a permanent rut.

      I hope you get beyond that point so that you start to turn things around in your life. I’m here if you need any help.

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