Dealing with trauma

It’s not possible to go through life without knowing what you deal with and not have any trauma attached to the not knowing.

And whilst we know there is a link between emotions and ill-health, lifestyle also contributes to that scenario. If we’re never encouraged to express how we feel, we will never talk about the things that matter. Setting up The CP Diary is exactly why it mattered.

Unfortunately, unless we bring old emotions into our conscious thinking, those issues will always reside below the level of consciousness. We tend to go through life working on the assumption that if we avoid issues long enough they’ll go away, but that’s not the case.

It’s our subconscious thoughts that control our conscious thoughts, that changes our outward behaviour. As we get to live our lives, we will fail to equate that our past has anything to do with where we are in the present and that is the reason why we will sometimes fail to cope emotionally.

But not coping with our emotions means ill health will follow. I have seen that happen.

26 Dec, 2016

2 thoughts on “Dealing with trauma

    1. Unfortunately any traumatic experience can and does have an impact on our health. I agree we must deal with them, if we are to stay well.

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