Dealing with uncertainty

Uncertainty almost always comes when we fail to deal with our issues. Issues that clearly need dealing with, issues that don’t surface as initial worries, but that lie dormant in our unconscious.

Not only will we then have uncertainties to deal with, but we will also have stress to deal with pertaining to the uncertainty that surrounds us. Although I have always had stress and stressful situations to deal with, through necessity, I have learned how to go about dealing with things. Choosing to ignore issues, doesn’t mean those issues will go away.

I wish I could tell you that my writing and The CP Diary exempts me from uncertainties and stress. Unfortunately, it isn’t the case, but what it does give me is the tools to understand how to deal with some of those uncertainties and issues that can be enormously stressful.

Stress is certainly not worth making us ill and we do need to deal with it, before it deals with us.

11 Sep, 2015

4 thoughts on “Dealing with uncertainty

  1. We always had to live with uncertainty as children so it became routine for me, whereas others have parents who actually deal with their problems.

    It becomes the norm for you, which really isn’t a good thing since there’s always so much unfinished business that never gets addressed. It creates a lot of very unnecessary stress that we would be able to get rid of, if we just took the time to deal with the problems, instead of just putting them off like my parents were so very good at!

    Right now I try very hard to remove as much stress as possible and avoid it if I can. I know a lot of people actually enjoy the chaos, but I’ve had more than enough in my life, so I’m good! The reality is that my body doesn’t tolerate stress very well so I have to keep the level as low as possible so I can live comfortably.

    I’m sure it didn’t help with the way I grew up, which probably took a toll on my body over time. The expression that seems fitting is that ‘If you don’t deal with it, it will deal with you!’

    1. Thanks Randy, yes I couldn’t agree more.

      If we don’t deal with anything, anything will deal with us eventually. Nothing goes away until we deal with it; if anything it often gets worse. You’re right.

  2. I gradually gave up the idea of a stress free life until I discovered information about enhancing my emotional health by quieting my mind through various forms of meditation. While I’m not versed on exactly how meditation works, it seems reasonable to focus more on mindfulness and less on uncertainty.

    It would probably help to give our minds a break sometimes, so we can begin to think more intelligently and strategically about our problems.

    1. Thanks Tim. I couldn’t agree more. Although I personally find meditating difficult, I do think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve heard it said.

      We should all learn how to meditate to help alleviate our uncertainties, issues and stress. In my own case I find quiet time to bring my thoughts into focus and that helps me.

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