Detaching oneself

When we begin not to care and consciously take the emotions away from a particular person or issue, we take away the element of struggle, therefore detaching oneself.

The reason why we struggle and continue to struggle, is because we continue to carry the emotions that attach us to a particular issue or person. When we emotionally stop caring, we give ourselves the ammunition to address whatever we happen to be dealing with, or what we have failed to deal with at the time.

28 Feb, 2015

10 thoughts on “Detaching oneself

  1. Absolutely ! We need to stand back and introduce a degree of objectivity and look at a problem through third party eyes to see the whole picture and then act.

    When we are emotionally involved as we are so often, that’s when it gets messy.

    1. I agree. Yes emotionally things can get rather messy if we’re not up to sorting our problems out.

      It’s always good to be able to stand back so that we’re looking at our problems objectively. That always helps.

  2. When I am struggling with a problem if I dwell on it too much it becomes emotionally distressing. That’s when I realize I need to step back and try to occupy my mind with other things and activities.

    After doing so it might not bother me as much or I may have found a way to handle the problem.

    1. Thanks Maria. You do right. My mum used to tell me to keep my mind occupied with other things and activities.

      During the day it’s easier than it is at night. Eventually though, through confidence, I think we learn how to detach emotionally from the things that have the potential to harm us.

  3. Yes, it would be so great if it was easier to be able to just detach myself, which is so much harder than it sounds! I’ve spent the majority of my life hanging on to so many things just because I wasn’t able to let go.

    1. As a child I used to do the same thing Randy, so I know how you feel, but when it gets to that point where what we continue to carry begins to make us ill, then we need to change the way we do things.

      The process of how is very simple once we learn the technique. It helps by choosing to be around positive people and saying no to the things that no longer serve us.

      Whilst we was live amongst people who hand out negativity on a daily basis there will always be an element of struggle for us, but as long as we hold on to our own beliefs and stay focused internally on the things that best serve us, we will eventually let go of the baggage.

      There was and is never a day in my own life where I don’t continue to enforce good emotional practices. I believe Randy everyone can.

  4. I concur. And if we emotionally detach ourselves from a particular problem long enough, other forces may assist us in tackling the problem.

    We are not alone in the vast scheme of things and we do get assistance from time to time.

  5. Once again, it’s one of those things that bothers me. Makes me worry until I’ve solved the problem and most of the time I face it head on.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes if we can detach the emotions to the worry, we’d cope a lot better. It’s good that you are able to face and solve your problems head on. Not many of us can.

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