Diluting the truth

How many of us dilute the truth or don’t say what the truth is to avoid confrontation, or to get ourselves out of a fix?

Of course, doing things this way, will never resolve the initial problem and it won’t make the problem go away. It just brushes the problem under the carpet until we deal with it. It also sends a signal to the other person that we’re not dealing with the issue and the diluted truth will just fall by the wayside.

It’s important we tell the truth. Some of us may live in fear speaking the truth and may dilute the truth to fit their circumstances, particularly if they feel they’re out of their depth. Others may genuinely not know what to say or how to say it, so may decide to not say anything rather than get what they say wrong.

We tend to start off with good intentions. We try to be diplomatic, but speaking the truth is never easy. Although we go out of our way to try not to offend, we may sometimes end up doing the opposite. There’s an art to speaking the truth because the truth is all in the delivery.

When we dilute the truth, the truth will always get lost in transit, when it gets watered down. Others would rather avoid the truth, than be confronted with it. As a nation, we run away from the truth, or water it down to avoid confrontation, either because of rejection and ridicule.

Speaking the truth has certainly made my life easier, but harder in other respects. The sad reality is that even with a good delivery, the truth isn’t always received in the way it should be, watered down or not.

16 Dec, 2012

2 thoughts on “Diluting the truth

  1. My patents always taught me that I should treat others the way I want to be treated, so I tend to tell the truth most of the time.

    I have watered it down occasionally or just not said everything there is to say about something, like if someone is ill and I don’t want the other person to know the whole truth because it would end up doing more harm than good.

    I don’t like it when people lie. One of my daughters was good at lying, but not good enough where I couldn’t tell the difference. I usually would know the truth before I confronted or asked her about something. It was like looking at a white wall and she would insist that it was black. It would just burn me up to no end, then I would let her know that I knew the truth and show her the evidence of the truth and she would STILL insist on the lie.

    I think if you tell the truth to start with, things may turn out better than you think they will.

    1. I agree with you Lisa situations do tend to turn out better when we tell the truth without diluting. The universal law will come into force whether we tell the truth or not.

      The more we dilute the truth or refrain from telling the truth, the more we’ll struggle in our lives in the longer term.

      The universal will always deal its cards. That is my belief.

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