Does one ever accept CP?

I have gone over this question so many times before, but like other conditions I think the answer depends on how I feel I’m coping. I manage my emotions.

When there is too much negativity around what I deal with, I feel worse about having it. There is very little information out there for us on how to help us cope emotionally. Our disabilities will also have a knock on effect on our families too and that has a ripple effect on us.

Siblings also struggle when the attention is taken away from them, with the focus turning to the sibling with the disability. When people don’t know how to help, they avoid conversations and that makes our disability less accepting.

20 May, 2010

2 thoughts on “Does one ever accept CP?

  1. I think for me it was my brother that never knew how to deal with my CP.

    Unfortunately I am not only dealing with CP but being a gay male as well. In the gay world the way you look is everything. Very few people look beyond the CP and see the real person underneath.

    I am still trying to find that person who will look beyond the surface and see what lies beneath.

    1. It is very hard to find the people you describe Randy. We do not seem to be living in a caring world anymore.

      Society isn’t governed by what we do for one another, but by what we can give in material wealth. Only when the world goes back to basics, will we see a change in people’s behavior and attitude.

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