Don’t dwell

If you’ve never had something but wish you did, continuing to wish for it won’t help. If you know you can’t change something, accept that you can’t, you’ll have more peace that way.

If you have something, accept it for what it is and be happy with it. Don’t dwell on the things you can’t change, on the things you don’t have but want and on the things you have, but you wish were different.

Just be okay with things because being okay with things, will serve you better in the longer term.

25 Apr, 2014

6 thoughts on “Don’t dwell

  1. I don’t dwell on things anymore. I used to be bad about doing this, but I’ve learned it doesn’t do any good to dwell. If there is something you can do about a situation do it; don’t continue to dwell on it and not do anything.

  2. I’ve come to understand how people can end up late in life and dwelling on all the things they wish they had done! It does seem like life goes by in a flash.

    It’s so hard not to get distracted by what happens in life, when you’re doing what you need to do like being a parent. I didn’t do a very good job of it myself because I was busy taking care of other people’s children and/or them!

    If I can give any young people advice, I would say for them to enjoy their youth while they can. I’m just trying to avoid ending up like my parents in a nursing home with dementia and suffering to the end!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes I can understand it too, but I think as long as we learn to change our lifestyle so that we take control of things, we’re less likely to dwell on those things.

      From my own experience we usually dwell on things when we’re unsure of how to deal with things and those things become a problem for us.

  3. It must be nice to be okay with things. It is sometimes hard to get to the stage whereby you are okay with things that are said and done.

    I’m okay with not being very good at it.

    1. It’s lovely when we can just be okay with things. It not only takes away the worry, but takes away stress as well and ultimately brings more peace into our lives.

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