Drawing parallels

My mind tends to wander. I was looking out the kitchen window the other day, when my mind began to wander again, this time looking at the different birds in the garden.

What would my life be like, if that were my life, how would I cope? I understand that birds have to search for food as well as keep warm in the winter months and although can be an uphill struggle, from where I’m standing, life still seems a lot less complex and complicated for them.

In stressful times, I tell myself that although I may not always feel equipped to deal with what comes along, I work more things out than I don’t. At this moment as I continue to look out into the garden, what appeals to me most is the fact that all of these birds are free.

When life doesn’t go according to plan and we have nowhere to hide, life will always seem daunting. Perhaps that’s why my mind wanders so much.

21 Dec, 2014

4 thoughts on “Drawing parallels

  1. Yes, I’ve wondered that myself watching the birds and squirrels out in the yard, of how much easier life would be!

    They only have to worry about finding food and shelter and not about so many of the other things that people do. I’ve thought sometimes how, in some ways, it would actually be more peaceful if I wasn’t so aware of the world. My brain has always worked far too much, which is good for intelligence, but not so good for daily living!

    There are so many things that I wish I couldn’t remember but what my mind can’t erase, so I’m forced to live with them every day. I’m having to really push myself to stay in the day and not dwell on the past, so I will be able to function in the future!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes it helps when our mind allows us to escape for a short time. The hard part for everyone is having to face reality.

      For me having time to myself helps me function better in other areas of my life. At the end of the day I am sure we will all find our own way of coping with what we have to deal with.

      I know that being able to function away from those negative thoughts helps me. I hope it helps you too.

  2. When I’m under stress I do the same thing. Sometimes I wonder about being a cat in a nice cushy home.

    Cats don’t act the same as dogs or other animals. They have their own world and attitudes, but don’t seem to have worries. But then reality hits and I’m back to being me and having the stress to deal with.

    I also feel better sometimes if I have my own quiet time when no one is around and I’m by myself. It’s almost a relief for a little while. That’s part of the reason I get up early in the mornings.

    I sit and have my coffee in peace and think about the day ahead.

    1. Thanks Lisa and I agree. Yes reality comes back to bite! I’m pleased though that you have time to yourself. We all need it.

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