Emotional Pain

Throughout my childhood, mum was pre-occupied and was dealing with her own emotional pain and wasn’t able to give my needs the proper attention.

She knew that if she took the time to understand my disability, it would have helped relieve me from all the things I struggled to deal with in childhood, and as an adult.

But she had a hard time accepting the facts and my diagnosis. Where she didn’t know enough about my disability, she was hesitant to find out. She knows her lack of engagement impacted me and ostracised me from being able to live a normal life.

Growing up in the community was difficult because I had special needs and those needs were continually being overlooked. I didn’t fit in.

Whilst mum was dealing with her own pain, I spent my life living in my own world. For the most part, I was comfortable there… it was the outside world I struggled with.

25 Sep, 2021

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