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Having to adjust to anything in our lives is hard, no matter what the adjustment is. Leaving home for the first time is a new adjustment; going to university is another new adjustment; settling into a new job is a new adjustment and going to a new school is also a new adjustment.

Life is full of them, which can be quite daunting, slightly off-putting, not to say very scary. How many of us would choose not to do things, just so that we avoid having to work through an adjustment period? I see having to make adjustments is a small price for any new experience.

With no opportunities and very little experience in my life, I would rather have had new experiences with small adjustments, than not have had to deal with any adjustments at all.

7 Oct, 2013

4 thoughts on “Experiences & adjustments

  1. I think making adjustments is part of life. We can’t avoid them no matter how big or small. I would rather have to make adjustments than not. We can’t learn anything in life if we don’t make adjustments.

    Growing up I didn’t have the opportunities that a lot of the kids I grew up with had. My parents kept a tight reign on me so I didn’t get to experience a lot of things I should have been able to do.

    I think I would have adjusted better to life if I had.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes you’re right I am sure you would have adjusted better to life had you have been given opportunities to work through your own experiences, even with the adjustments.

      Adjustments are part of that process.

  2. I think making adjustments becomes a little harder as we get a little older.

    At age 52, I’ve made career adjustments more times than I’d like to. I prefer complacency and routine over major adjustments any day.

    It’s a safer place.

    1. Thanks Tim. Like you the majority of us will be familiar with routine. I actually prefer routine. I’m also with complacency as long as I happy with where I am. From my own experience sometimes we have to make adjustments to be where we want to be so we can’t always afford to become complacent.

      Sometimes being familiar brings about our ability to feel safe but we have to be comfortable with that too. It’s usually what we know and are familiar with.

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