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As a continuation from my ‘Extra pieces of the jigsaw blog’ as part of the co-occurring conditions I get to deal with I can also add, the next items to my list.

Symptoms of Sensory Processing disorder

Children and adults who have sensory processing disorder cannot properly process the sensory stimuli from the outside world and will have trouble interpreting information from one or more senses. No one with the condition will have the same sensory dysfunction, so symptoms will vary from person to person.

These are my symptoms:


  • Withdrawing when touched;
  • Difficulties calming down when struggling with an issue;
  • Refusing to eat certain foods due to the texture;
  • Hypersensitive to certain fabrics;
  • Only wears soft clothes or clothes without tags;
  • Oversensitivity to loud sounds;
  • Notice or hear background noises that others cannot hear;
  • Being oversensitive to strong or mild odours;
  • Avoidance of messy textures such as lotion or dirt.

Effects of Sensory Processing Disorder

The long-term effects of living with SPD can cause significant difficulties in everyday life. Many healthcare professionals are not trained to recognise many of its symptoms and as a result the disorder may not be diagnosed for years.

Long-term effects of SPD include:

  • Challenges with interpersonal relationships;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Underachievement;
  • Low self-confidence;
  • Decreased friendships;
  • Low self-esteem

Everything I have outlined in today’s and yesterday’s blog I deal with. It irritates me that these are the things I had to deal with as a child and I didn’t know or understand, but I also take heart that I’ve brought myself to this place and I now know what I need to know. I’m proud of myself.

Like myself, many of us will learn to adapt, others may go through their lives pretty much as they started. It has taken me 55 years to get to this place, although I was aware for a long time that this is how I presented. The hard part was trying to convince others.

The trouble I have is others fitting into my life my living with SPD. But I take comfort I am now able to write about what I’ve had to deal with and continue to deal with. To get my experiences and symptoms out there, finally.

8 Nov, 2018

2 thoughts on “Extra pieces of the jigsaw/2

  1. The truth in this jigsaw blog is unsettling, steeped as you were in confusion and disappointment as a child. But your determination has put you on the right track, forever.

    You are too beautiful to be true.

    1. Thanks Tim. That’s kind. Yes, even through the anger, there was that side of me that you see through my writing. The spiritual side of me.

      It never left me, it just lay dormant for years and all I wanted to know was what was wrong with me.

      It was a quiet determination that no one saw… but it was there.

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