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For those of us with a disability, knowing about a diagnosis will foster more understanding of our situation from others, which will result in easier, more loving and symbiotic relationships.

I would have been happier with a diagnosis. I hated the labels and, without understanding what was different about me, being labelled even more. Those were incredibly hard times, being an inquisitive child meant I never stopped asking. As a family, had my struggles and disability been handled differently, my siblings would have grown up with a better understanding of me. It must have been difficult for them.

People are not inherently jealous. Jealousy comes when attention is taken away. The spotlight was totally on me because of my difficulties and yet those difficulties were never discussed, or addressed. As I said before, when any family fails to discuss what is being presented, distance will always grow between them. It is important families learn to talk about things, so that distance doesn’t become an issue.

Families have to want to close the gaps and bring about understanding, but that is a big sticking point when it comes to a child who deals with a disability.

9 Feb, 2018

2 thoughts on “Families together

  1. Yes, it would have been nice to know what was wrong with me, seeing as my parents always acted like everything was okay when it definitely wasn’t.

    I was labelled very early on as being the sickly one and very spoiled by getting most of the attention, but it wasn’t because I did anything to make them treat me that way.

    They totally ignored their own issues which if they had addressed them, it would have made all of our lives a lot easier and I would have been able to get the treatment I needed, when I first needed it.

    Things could have turned out so much differently, which is what I so often get wrapped up in thinking. All of the ‘what ifs’ keep running through my mind, when I need to stay focused on the reality of what I can do now to make my life better.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, it’s nice that we can resonate with each other. Just not something you anticipate that you’re going to have to do as a child.

      It’s not how that is supposed to play out. We both know what should have happened. We know what didn’t happen and what we need to do now.

      I believe it’s always harder to look back and wish because then you get the ‘what ifs’ as you suggest in your response.

      We must feel the fear and get on with the job in hand of correcting certain aspects of our life.

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