Fear of failing

How many of us quit before we have a chance to fail, because we feel we’re doomed for failure in the first place? We’re not always aware in the beginning of how to succeed. We give up too easily.

But failing is a catalyst of the learning process. It’s not to say that we have to fail every time if we are to become successful, but failing enables us to understand that life isn’t all about success and that if we want to be successful, we have to learn how to fail first.

Circumstances are forever changing. Nothing inherently stays the same and with circumstances that change, we must change, too. Generally, we stay within our comfort zones and work to keep ourselves there, but we must also think about coming out. Success comes from being able to work out of our comfort zones: and playing it safe for too long means we will stagnate.

Change is a fact of life, not always easy to accept because of fear and apprehension, but how we work and address change, can determine whether we will be successful or not. To tackle any form of change, we must leave our comfort zones.

How many times have you promised yourselves you’ll do something, but never follow through? It’s often not because we’re lazy, but because we’re too afraid, particularly if what we’re doing, is something we’ve never done before. We must learn to experience life with its ups and downs, because that’s how we will grow and if that means leaving our comfort zones every now and again, then that’s what we must do.

Our greatest challenge is the fear we feel, but we can overcome it and be successful. It is often the fear we feel that holds us back and stops us achieving success.

7 Nov, 2010

6 thoughts on “Fear of failing

  1. What a great topic today.

    I am sure you have had some apprehension of going out into all of that snow and dealing with the slippery walks. Just leaving the house for me most days is a slippery walk. I suffer with severe anxiety and venturing out into the world with all of the dangers it represents, which is almost too much to bear some days. Nothing ventured nothing gained and even with my condition, have started a small business, which brings me way out of my comfort zone most days, but is also making me more confident and helps me to grow.

    There have been some failures along the way and as you have stated it has been a learning process of being in business and coping with the stress, while also having Bipolar Disorder when I have been programmed by many professionals that I am incapable of coping with stress.

    It’s only been 3 months and there have been some rough spots, but all in all I find that if I choose not to accept failure as final then it surely is the beginning of a new horizon for me.

    1. Isn’t it funny Brian, but the professionals who are supposed to tell us we can do these things, tell us that we can’t because of what we deal with, but with respect to them, they have text book knowledge and work out a lot from what they read.

      In reality, although we do have things and in your case Bipolar that you and I struggle with, if we’re not looking to be able to achieve that of someone who doesn’t struggle, I am sure we will go on to achieve. I only ever look at what I might be able to achieve.

      I stopped looking at what others can achieve a long time ago.

  2. I believe I often have a fear of failing. I get started on something and then I lose the momentum and just give up. Usually it’s because of losing confidence in myself.

    1. Lisa I think this is true for many people. I agree it’s a confidence thing. With more confidence you are more likely to continue to try.

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