Feeling a little blue

I’m feeling a little blue today. I’m sure I’m being tested on my health. I also can’t change the way I do things and yet there are days where I feel I must defend my corner.

As a child, I was constantly being labelled, because they thought me lazy, my attention span was spasmodic. I was slow at things and in school. My father kept saying I would catch up.

Growing up, I would start something and lose interest very quickly. It was never intentioned, but very frustrating because there were so many things that I wanted to tackle, but would often have to rest. As frustrating as it was for me, it was more frustrating for everyone else, particularly my family.

It’s easy to forget that I have cerebral palsy, because it’s not always obvious, but I live in my own little world. Would a worse scenario of cerebral palsy bring about a more sympathetic response? If someone has a broken leg, people are more likely to be sympathetic, than if someone is struggling with addiction.

It’s easy to forget I struggle, but it’s obvious to me: others lose interest as a consequence.

27 Jul, 2011

6 thoughts on “Feeling a little blue

  1. May be you’re going through a detoxification process due to the new eating habits you’ve developed.

    I know that sometimes when we change our diets like that we detoxify which is a good thing and it’s always worse in the beginning, but will clear up. I’m sure you know all about this though. You’re a very smart cookie, smarter than me anyway!

    My case of FMS/CFS is mild. I believe and people don’t always see me as having difficulties or struggling even when I’m at my worse. I don’t say anything unless they ask me about it or just happen to notice that I look tired.

    I too was very similar to you growing up and I still start things and don’t finish, but its not laziness it’s boredom with me. I honestly think it’s a form of ADD.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I am sure that whatever it is I am dealing with, it will clear up eventually; it’s just annoying that it’s something else for me to deal with.

      I know how you feel on what you deal with, because although we have different things that we deal with, we know how it feels to have to work through them.

      It’s lovely that we have each other for support.

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