Feeling bad

It helps that I can switch off when I need to, because it’s got me through some very difficult times, but it doesn’t come without its disadvantages.

I switch when I am constantly being reminded of my neurological struggles so that I don’t have to feel bad or think about it. Although others may try to understand, there are times when they don’t care to understand or their understanding is limited.

It’s a vicious circle, because unless they were to walk a mile in our shoes, they never can understand what we go through and that makes us feel bad with what we deal with.

In all fairness, no one can ever be expected to know what it’s like for someone else, they’re not in our shoes. But they must want to at least care.

31 May, 2015

6 thoughts on “Feeling bad

  1. I agree, as much as someone can empathise that can be a long way from REALLY understanding and that can only be brought about by living the other person’s life.

    As that can’t happen, patience, caring and an understanding attitude can help nonetheless.

    1. Thanks. Yes it’s not easy for anyone living with a disability, but as you say empathy is a good place to start, to at least understand.

      The trouble is when the curtains close it’s easy to forget those who live with their disability. The emotional effort and strain is always the hardest part. It’s hard to live with the enormity of what we deal with and to understand what it all means and for others too.

  2. The CP Dairy is a place where your soul actually speaks to you. The Dairy has taught me that I’m not my circumstances, but something far greater.

    Everything you are going through, every pain and every struggle is that of our own; you are not alone. You have persuaded your readers to place themselves in others people’s shoes and we have found the gold of who we are because of it.

    Your ability to rise up and meet your challenges has always been an inspiration to us. And your humble message and experiences are a gift to the world.

    We empathize with you, but we appreciate you more.

    1. Awww thanks for your empathy Tim, that really helps. For the first time in 5 years you’ve left me completely speechless!

      Although I may go through different experiences to you, our experiences come from the same thought processes, they just play out differently with what we have to deal with and that helps us resonate with each other.

      I’m pleased my experiences and my site has the ability to reach and allow others to understand how to perceive their lives and what they deal with.

      Whilst I have learned to empathise with myself through my thoughts and feelings on what I deal with. We come to empathise with each other through our shared experiences.

  3. I understand how you feel. It can get a bit lonely dealing with our struggles brought on by CP. I often get emotionally overwhelmed.

    I don’t expect people to fully understand what I go through because that is difficult to do, but their empathy is greatly appreciated.

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