Feeling invisible

Does anyone get those days where they begin to feel invisible or transparent, where they’re talking but nobody’s listening, where they can’t seem to say or do the right thing, even though they know they’re doing all the right things? Don’t you just feel you could hibernate, until the coast is clear and you can breathe again?  It’s been the worst few days.

13 Aug, 2013

4 thoughts on “Feeling invisible

  1. Yes!! I totally know that feeling, especially when I can’t do or say anything right. I usually just go off by myself and sulk!

    I hope things improve for you soon and you have better days.

  2. Yes I know that feeling very well since I grew up in a world where it was actually an advantage to practice being invisible.

    It can be insanely frustrating when you are trying to have a conversation with someone when you might as well be talking to a brick wall with the reaction that you’re getting!

    Many times it would be much easier to find a place to hibernate until the situation was over. I’ve been trying to learn how not to shut down when this happens, so I can actually get through the crisis with a proper resolution!

    1. I would spend my formative years hibernating too Randy. I really do know how you feel.

      I hope you’re now managing to work through those resolutions you talk about. Although working on finding a resolution isn’t always easy to do, it does get easier.

      Hang on in there!

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