Feeling unwell

It seems a very long time since I did a more personal blog. On the back of feeling unwell with a cold, I’ve cancelled my arrangements for today. The phlegm from my cold has now gone on to my chest.

It doesn’t matter how many supplements I take, I get to the point that as soon as I am beginning to feel unwell, all of what I have done, makes little difference to my overall health. On a daily footing, I cope with mild cerebral palsy well. It is the associative conditions that bring me to a complete standstill, until I can begin to recover from illness.

It is my under-developed immunity, digestion and lungs that I come to struggle with mainly, made worse because I have cerebral palsy and because I am premature. As I age I will probably struggle further.

That prospect concerns and worries me, because I know how I struggle. I am constantly try to find ways through, so I don’t get to that point.

30 May, 2016

6 thoughts on “Feeling unwell

  1. I can resonate with you. Whenever I am ill it goes straight to my chest which is weak from hooping cough I had when I was a baby.

    Hope you’re feeling better tomorrow.

  2. This joke is to make you smile. I hope you feel better real soon.

    At a wedding party recently, someone yelled, “All married men, please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living!” The bartender was crushed to death.

  3. I’m sure this is why my daughter doesn’t like getting out to do more things, since she quite often isn’t feeling very well!

    I hadn’t really factored that in when suggesting that she needed to get out more, which is more difficult under her circumstances. Besides which I shouldn’t be saying a whole lot, considering I don’t get out much for different reasons.

    I can’t say as I blame her for getting upset with my girlfriend and I because we were trying to push her to do things she doesn’t always feel well enough to be doing. I just feel bad for her since she’s 26 and doesn’t have a whole lot going on as far as having a life.

    People treat me the same way a lot of times, so I do finally get why she was so very mad at the time. She doesn’t like being told what to do, like everyone else, but she also hasn’t been pushed very hard to do much of anything since that’s the way her mother is. It is such a shame since she has lived in such an amazing state for 5 years now; and hasn’t seen hardly any of it. I’m sure she’s afraid of going out to do things on her own because of her condition, but she refuses to do things that would help her out in the long run.

    It is very hard for me to accept that on top of everything else she has to deal with. She has inherited some mental health issues, which makes things even worse. My point being that even with the adversities you face, you’re still working on how to adapt to these conditions and still carrying on. I have tried steering my daughter to at least visit a disability center at the university near to where she lives that would help her with those issues.

    It would also be fantastic if she could make some friends her own age with similar issues, to go out and do things with! She would probably meet them at this center along with getting connected to the local community, amongst other things.

    I’m sure there are many times when you don’t feel up to doing a whole lot, but it sounds like you push your way through it. If I could just find a way to encourage my daughter to do this, my mind would be able to rest easy!

    1. Thanks Randy. I feel for both you and your daughter. You’re wanting your daughter to have and give of her best. For her to be able to live her life, go out, have friends and feel as though she is part of something. I get that, but unfortunately that’s not how our life goes sometimes.

      It sounds as though your daughter deals with depression amongst all her other issues and perhaps that needs to be addressed. If your daughter is dealing with depression, alleviating some of those symptoms will help her deal with her Cerebral Palsy and health issues.

      Whether Cerebral Palsy is mild or moderate we still have lots of other things that we deal with as part of the Cerebral Palsy scenario. I know what it’s like to deal with little motivation. Trying to stay motivated is hard enough, but couple a lack of motivation with emotional, neurological and physical difficulties, can make life more difficult.

      I can’t help but think that if you could sort out her emotional problems, you’d give her something to go at and your on-going encouragement will help her as long as she’s physically well.

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