Finding a little comfort

No matter how many years it’s taken for me to get to this point, it still feels raw. In nearly 9 years of blogging, the hardest part has been for me to come to terms with the reasoning behind not knowing about my disability, my diagnoses and being forced to accept this was my life.

Even with the bigger picture in the frame, it has brought little comfort, knowing those responsible cared more about themselves than they cared about me. But I also know that without the life I’ve had I wouldn’t have achieved the things I have with my website, or my memoir.

To get where we want to be, we must look for the understanding, even if through our understanding it’s not something we can change. The only thing we can do, is make sure we change things for our own children, so that history doesn’t repeat itself. As long as there is no interference in that process and we’re left alone to do that, it should all work out.

From my own experiences, where there is continual interference, it becomes virtually impossible to move on. But through all of that it is still important we find a little comfort in our understanding and then work on the necessary change.

The silver lining is not the experiences we’re struggling with, but the lessons we take from those experiences and being able to turn those experiences around.

9 Mar, 2019

2 thoughts on “Finding a little comfort

  1. I watched a film last night and there was a line in it when a relative was explaining to a child about a custody claim and the relative said that everything was temporary. I think this is a comforting way of looking at things.

    Now you understand the bigger picture and all the players in it, you can find a place for how you have been treated and move it away.

    I am sure you find comfort through writing about your experiences and in doing so finding further comfort in helping others. You have shown how to turn your experiences into something incredibly positive.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I find comfort through writing about my experiences. It’s just not easy to find somewhere to place those experiences, there were that many, no-one would wish to own.

      I agree all things are temporary and it’s a good way to look at certain situations, but 46 years was a long time for it to be temporary. That could be anything from a month to 6 months to a year, even 2 years. But 46 years is rather a permanent fixture.

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