Finding peace

It’s coming up to a month since my father passed and my life has gone from being very stressful to me having more peace around me.

The last 6 years life has been so pressured. It’s nice not to feel pressured any more. Although I lost my mum 6 years ago, my father’s passing wasn’t sudden, so I’ve had time to get used to the idea that I would eventually have no parents in my life.

I’ll have more thoughts as the days go by, but for now I will continue to work on finding peace, after such a long absence.

1 Apr, 2013

8 thoughts on “Finding peace

  1. I’m sad to know that you now have no parents. For me it has been years since my step-dad has passed.

    In situations where the person is suffering, passing on seems like a blessing in the end. We are still left with an empty like feeling when they go.

    It seems like we are left with fond memories to remember them by, so in our hearts they will always be with us.

    1. Thanks Maria. I know my parents will be around me so I’m lucky I don’t have that empty feeling. There is always an adjustment period whenever we lose someone, particularly if our circumstances had been stressful and mine were.

      I completely agree with your last thought Maria. In time we are left with some fond memories. We just have to make sure that when we leave, others have fond memories to remember us by.

  2. My father died of cancer six years ago and I experienced severe grief and pain as I held his lifeless body in my arms. I felt I lost a piece of myself, a feeling of complete loneliness enveloped me.

    But the day before he died, I remember being overwhelmed with a feeling of joy and happiness for my father, that his suffering would soon be over and that he was in transition to a state of ultimate peace and benevolence.

    As Maria Wilson stated, ‘passing on seemed like a blessing in the end.’ I immediately identified with her spiritual observations of the relationship between life and death or death and life.

    It took some time for me to understand, but I believe I found that peace relating to the loss of my father.

    I don’t have the intelligence to articulate this theory, but I’ll say this; I feel when time and space collapses, “death”, the soul emerges, therefore, my father never died, his body did.

    I’m at peace with that.

    1. Thanks Tim. I am so pleased you are at peace. I believe and know you do too that your father is totally at peace now.

      I believe that before we’re born to this life we come from spirit. Your father has gone back to spirit where he was before he lived his physical life.

      I know your father is around you, watching over you. He’s just not with you.

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