Free to choose

Where someone does something and it continues to be repeated without an apology and you may apportion blame, it usually means it’s warranted.

Generally speaking, you wouldn’t look to blame if those you were blaming weren’t responsible for the decisions that were made. Where you may apportion blame and it is warranted, it doesn’t help.

In my own case, at the age of 46, I was finally free to choose how I moved forward with my disability. Where decisions are being made for us, as adults it is up to the individual to choose how their story will end.

Growing up, I was aware of my environment and my physical problems, but I wasn’t aware of what my mental or my emotional problems were, all I knew was that I wasn’t able to learn and I was failing.

I learned that as children we’re not always able to be instrumental in our lives, but as the adult, generally we are free to choose. If we don’t like what’s happening, we can change and make different choices.

20 Oct, 2020

2 thoughts on “Free to choose

  1. Having the freedom to choose, wasn’t an option open to me as a child. I’m getting used to the idea since making wise decisions hasn’t exactly been my forte.

    Also, nobody ever explained the differences between right and wrong decisions to me, so again I have had to learn the hard way. I have to try to remember that when I get to vote, I will have the freedom to choose.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, what matters is you got there. No matter how our childhood plays out, what matters is that we find a way through.

      As the adult, through expression of free will, we get to call the shots, we get to choose. What you had as a child is gone; you are now free to choose how you want your life to go.

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