Freedom to choose

Without healing we will never have the emotional freedom to choose. Freedom represents peace derived from a willingness to challenge our experiences and existence and how we choose to live. Freedom to choose a different way to think.

Freedom to see things the way they are, rather than the way we want them to be. The freedom to make a difference in a world where we’re constantly being told how to live and how to be. Freedom to change the things we don’t agree with.

In a world where there is fear, The CP Diary reins me in. My writing allows me the freedom to choose what I accept. It offers me an alternative point of view, shows me an image of how my life can be changed, with words, thoughts and feelings that encourage and continue to encourage understanding of how we can live better lives.

Through insights, my blogs show my inner workings and provides answers to my uncertainties, so that I get to move away from those. Free and healed and heading towards a more peaceful existence.

18 Oct, 2016

6 thoughts on “Freedom to choose

  1. We can make a decision to change things all day long, but until we do the work, nothing is going to happen. As you have shown with your blog, we can change.

    Fear has definitely ruled my life for most of it but if I want to have the life you speak of, I have to put in the footwork. We had no reason to learn how to do this as kids since the way we grew up taught us that none of it really mattered. I know I felt like no matter what I did, my life was going to suck and there wasn’t anything I could do to change it.

    Life does really suck without having the freedom of choice. I just want to be able to finish out my life feeling like I actually did some good in the world instead of always feeling like such a cockroach!

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head Randy. Yes, we have to put the footwork in and that’s where we may begin to struggle.

      You might not have been able to learn positivity as a child but you can make changes now. My blogs explain exactly how we can do it.

  2. I am glad you’ve written today’s blog as it is so important that this message is heard. Your blog is not only an inspiration to others in how you’ve turned your life around so successfully, it shows us that we too can turn our lives round.

    Your blogs are like a self-help tool, giving us the ideas and wherewithal to change our own lives too. Changing our lives for the better gives us the freedom of choice to go out there and make a difference.

    What you’re doing is incredibly important. Keep up the good work you do. We need you.

    1. Thank you. I aim in all of my blogs to explain that we have the freedom to make choices to turn our lives around, no matter how difficult our lives or the decisions we have are.

      My blogs are about positivity, making positive changes and having the freedom to put some of those thoughts into practice. I believe we all can. My blogs are the platform for incredible change.

  3. Brad is absolutely right, we need you! You keep us moving at the proper pace and at the proper intervals of life; leaving no room for argument, just plenty of discussion.

    There seems to be a mixture of respect and love in every blog you write and we get all this for free.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. The advice I give out freely is the advice I give myself. My blogs bring about food for thought on the many issues we all face and that encourages group discussion, respect and love that we have for each other around my site.

      Without your support I couldn’t do what I do and my site wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

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