Giving Back

Living with trauma, not knowing about my disability; or being able to piece my life together, would have cost me my mental health. Through my blog, being able to piece my life and experiences together, I am giving back and that feels good.

Piecing my life together without any concrete information to work from over the years, has been difficult, because I was dealing with trauma. When you go through any kind of trauma, it is always difficult to equate exactly what you go through. That part isn’t easy, but if through your experiences you can make other people’s life easier, then it says a lot about you.

Fast forward to 2021 and through my blog, ‘giving back’ has given me my life back. Giving back has allowed me to understand my experiences that we may all relate to. It is because I understand my life that I am able to give back in this way.

“Help someone not for the reward, but for the sake of changing a life.” – Anonymous

Giving back gives others a voice, where they may struggle to find theirs. It’s an act of selflessness. Helping is not only an act of kindness, but it can bring happiness, less stress, less irritabilities and less anxiety.

When you help others with no expectations of anything in return, you feel fulfilled. It feels good. It is the ‘spiritual’ way. It is what the universe expects of us and something we should want to anticipate for ourselves.

It’s a caring thing to do. It’s why we’re here on planet ‘earth.’ Where we may be motivated by greed, our lives will be spiritually unfulfilled. What we give, we get back in return in abundance.

When we help others, with no expectations and no repayments, we become better people. Our heart and light shines bright when we help others.

3 Aug, 2021

4 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. Since the start of your cerebral palsy journey 12 years ago, through your blog, you have given back. Every day you write, you keep on giving and you have continued through your book, Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story,’ with a new book, soon to be published too.

    Like you I enjoy giving back. I feel I am in an incredibly fortunate position, in a world which is increasingly prejudiced and with ever greater social, economic and political gaps, so I see it is my responsibility to help others were I can, but with respect and compassion.

    As you say helping others also helps ourselves. It helps lower anxiety and stress and makes us feel good.

    1. Thanks. Good for you. I am pleased to hear you are able to give back. In a world where there is struggle, it is important we do give back.

      The more we give back, the more the universe will give back and pave the way for our lives to work out.

      If Covid-19 is showing us all one thing, it is that we need to give back. I know that without giving back and basing our life on ‘taking,’ things will not work out. When we take, we’re taking from the universe.

  2. I would love to give back more, seeing as that’s one of many things that I have always wanted to do.

    As a child, I was only supposed to focus on everyone else’s problems instead of my own. It’s no wonder then that when I tried to focus on what I really wanted to focus on, I would get overwhelmed with a tidal wave of guilt, shame and remorse.

    I did more than likely have a traumatic brain injury, when I was 4 years old, which would explain the many issues that I have had to deal with.

    I know how difficult and lonely it can be dealing with so many issues. It would make me feel better if I was to be able to help others help themselves.

    1. Thanks Randy. The good thing is there is no time limit on ‘giving back.’ We can give back any age.

      Although our upbringing has a lot to do with the way we function as adults, there are things we can do to change moving forward.

      Giving back is something we can all do. In such difficult times, with the world so divisive, now would be a good time for us all to ‘give back.’

      I just want to add, the guilt, shame and remorse isn’t yours to carry. From what you say, they belong in your past, and with your parents.

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